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What Women Think of Men Who Use Tinder

Tinder, the dating app which has taken the single world by storm, seems to have swiped away some of the stigma that used to attach itself to online dating and soliciting. The idea of finding matches in your area based on your quick assessment of each other?s photos is an appealing one for many men, but women can be a little more reserved in their use of the app. Moreover, on finding out that you use Tinder, some women that you meet in real life may be completely turned off you.

Not boyfriend material

Even if she first met you with a swipe of the thumb on Tinder, most women will not consider the guys they find on Tinder to be relationship material. Everyone using the app knows what they?re really there for- save for the few singletons who genuinely think they will find their soul mate based on a few pictures and a tagline more predictable than a newspaper personals ad. It may not be a fair judgment to think that Tinder dwellers are not capable of loyal relationships, but that?s the way it is.

It doesn?t make you look like a player

If you don?t already have the persona of a player, Tinder will not help you achieve it. It doesn?t help if you put up photos of you and your various ex-girlfriends in an attempt to give yourself the social proof of being friends with a bevy of beauties. It doesn?t help if you whip your phone out at parties to get women to help you choose your Tinder date, in a misguided effort to make the real-life women at the party think you?re desirable. She may have fun helping you scroll through possible shags, but will she want to go home with you knowing that someone else is just a swipe away? She is more likely to leave you to a lonely night of using Tinder- it seems to her that you?re more interesting in doing that than in putting any effort into flirting with her.

If you didn?t meet her there, don?t tell her you use it

A woman who found you using Tinder can?t very well pass judgment on you for it. However, don?t think it will impress any prospective dates that you have found elsewhere. Non-users of Tinder sometimes gloat that they aren?t using the app, boasting that they do not have to resort to such desperate measures. You never know if the girl you?re talking to thinks it?s a sign of the great world we live in, or if she thinks it?s nasty. Basically, don?t tell anyone you?re using Tinder, even if they ask. If faced with a situation where a girl asks you if you have the app because she thinks she?s seen you on it, bluff through the conversation saying that a friend installed it for you, or you have it but don?t really use it, or that you were curious but prefer meeting people in real life.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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