The Secrets Every Woman Keeps in a New Relationship

You may think that you?ve struck gold by finding a girl with no jealousy issues who seems to be totally satisfied with you, and always looks hot. However, later on you will discover that all is not what it seems.

She gets jealous

It?s just human nature that we all get jealous sometimes. You may think your relationship doesn?t have any of the jealousy issues, but give it time. Your girlfriend will try to seem laidback to begin with. She won?t bat an eyelid when she stumbles on your naughty magazine collection, and she?ll insist that she?s not fussed if you catch up with your ex. However, you can bet that on the inside she?s hoping you?ll grow out of these jealousy-inducing habits.

She wants sex just as much as you do

In the early stages of a relationship, it?s not uncommon for a woman to make you wait before sleeping together. She may mentally set a standard for herself, be it the second date or a few months in. Her incredible self-control may make you think that perhaps she just doesn?t want sex. While it?s possible that she?s not into it (or she?s not into you), it?s more likely that she?s just as desperate as you are but thinks that successful relationships must begin with the waiting game.

You?re not doing it for her in the bedroom

It can take a while before the sex goes well. It?s inevitable that it?s going to be a bit hit-and-miss to begin with. However, she will lavish praise upon you in the hope you will improve. She will wait until she is more comfortable with you to tell you that she doesn?t actually like your favorite porn-inspired move.

She doesn?t always look this good

She?s a stunner that puts effort into her appearance every time you meet up. Very few women will keep up this exhausting routine their whole lives. Just wait until the first time you see her sick and exhausted, and you?ll find that she doesn?t always look date-ready. This should be obvious, but for the first few months of your relationship, she will try to maintain the make-up illusion. The only advice for this one is to just act normal when you finally see her in a plain state. Do not comment on her skin or say she looks tired.

How recent her last fling was

She?s not going to tell you that you were the rebound from her last relationship. There could even have been some overlap between the end of her last fling, and when she started seeing you. She wants your relationship to begin with a clean slate, so she?s hiding the baggage from her very recent past.

She gets angry at you

Every woman is going to present the best version of herself at the beginning of a relationship. You may value her laidback attitude, but it is very rare to come across someone that doesn?t have a temper at times. She may well be annoyed at you for various things that you?ve done, but she won?t raise these issues until she?s more comfortable expressing her emotions to you.

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