Popular Men’s Fashion Brands and What They’re Good For

Your wardrobe should be a healthy mix of brand-name items and basic pieces. When you do splurge on a designer piece, you should know what each brand does best. While there are way too many amazing men?s brands to do justice to all of them in this short list, consider this a starting point for the brands you should know.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is possibly the best all-rounder designer for men and the first brand any fashionable man should know. Encompassing a preppie style, Polo Ralph Lauren items are always clean-cut and suit all ages. Of course, the classic polo shirt is what Ralph does best, but it?s hard to go wrong with their timeless collections of casualwear, leather goods and fragrances.

Engineered Garments

Best known for loud statement pieces, Engineered Garments is always ahead of the curve. A relatively young brand, they are not as well-known as some of the other big names in fashion but manage to make up for it with their ostentatious clothing. Their most recent collection includes amazing floral jackets that are masculine and eccentric at the same time. Invest in Engineered Garments for casual outerwear, but only if you?re brave enough to adorn yourself with bold patterns.

Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian has made a big name for himself, and his eponymous brand certainly lives up to the hype. Think classic pieces that drip sophisticated style to take you from the boardroom to the ballroom. Be prepared to drop some serious dollar on his perfectly tailored pieces.


Armani Exchange is a smaller brand under the Armani umbrella which has the trademark fiercely masculine style but at lower price points. Armani Collezioni, which retails through department stores, is the next tier up. Still not as expensive as the main line, Collezioni boasts some killer fashionable pieces for a youthful demographic. An all-rounder brand, if you?re going to pick one item to purchase from Armani, make it an accessory such as a watch.


The very British brand known for their tartan pattern, Burberry is a high-end brand that is most accessible through their Brit line. Funnily enough, what Burberry does best is not clothing at all, but perfume. Burberry is also a fine choice for one of their famous trench coats. For a touch of Burberry glamour, consider investing in a scarf in their distinctive Haymarket check. Burberry is similar to Ralph Lauren in that they encompass an Oxford preppie look.

Levi Strauss & Co

If you have the most rudimentary knowledge of brands, you will know that Levi?s are famous for their jeans. For over 150 years, they have been making some of the most flattering yet hardy pants in the business. If you?re going to invest in Levi?s, make it a pair of jeans rather than a silly branded tee shirt. Other than their jeans, most other items made by Levi?s are hardly stylish at all and not worth a second look.

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