How to Dress Hipster

Hipsters are often the butt of jokes, but it?s not so funny when hipsters dress better than you do. Rather than the ostentatious looks of many other sub-cultures, hipsters adopt old-time style and give it a modern twist.

Skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans are the hipster?s best friend. As it?s quite a young culture, hipsters themselves tend to be youthful and slim, but even chubby hipsters can be found in skinny jeans. Not only are skinny jeans flattering on nearly everyone, they also go with everything. Light blue skinny jeans are a good option if you want to channel hipster style without throwing yourself in the deep end.

Patterned shirts

Younger hipsters tend to wear ironic band tee shirts, but the older, more sophisticated hipsters are more commonly found in dapper patterned shirts. A small polka dot pattern, usually white spots on dark blue, on a long-sleeved shirt is an example of hipster style that takes inspiration from vintage fashion. Paisley, check and floral shirts are also hipster favourites.


A pair of Ray Ban wayfarers is the ultimate finish to your hipster look. You can go with the basic black frames, or delve into tortoiseshell. If you don?t actually wear glasses, it?s not difficult to find a non-prescription pair. It?s a huge faux pas to be wearing fake glasses, so make sure you don?t get caught. If anyone asks, they?re just a weak prescription.

A pair of killer sunglasses is also a must. Again, you could go with wayfarer style frames, but for something a little more unique you could experiment with vintage frames. Horn-rimmed sunglasses are popular among hipsters.

It?s all in the haircut

Any outfit can look hipster with the right haircut. An undercut- shorter on the sides and longer on the top- is essential. An undercut looks great on both curly and straight hair. The undercut can be subtle, with the sides just a little touch than the top, or as extreme as the Macklemore cut, which is closely shaved on the sides but bouffant on the top.

Of course, once you have the right haircut you need to know what to do with it. You?ll need to blow-dry your hair in the right direction, and use a touch of styling gel to keep it in place.
If you?d like to experiment with hipster style but don?t want to alter your locks, adorn your head with the ultimate hipster accessory: the beanie. To look fashionable instead of like a burglar, don?t tuck all of your hair under the beanie. Sit it back on your head slightly so you have some hair visible, including your fringe if you have one.

Facial hair

Every hipster worth his weight in indie records is rocking some excellent facial hair. Lately, scruffy beards have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. While a beard is devastatingly fashionable, it?s not always the most attractive option. The three-day growth look strikes the balance between sexy and stylish, in my opinion.

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