Five Ways to Improve Your Summer Look

Summer clothes are made for comfort, not looks. You can combine both with these handy tips to improve your summer style.

Designer sunglasses

Sunglasses are worth shelling out for. No cheap wraparounds for you. A pair of wayfarers is far more stylish than the types of sunglasses you only ever see on daggy dads and tourists. If you need prescription lenses in your sunglasses anyway, you?re already paying so much that you may as well invest in designer frames. Sunglasses are one of those items that should always have a logo on them (unlike tee shirts; you look kind of silly for dropping coin on a plain designer tee shirt). For something a little different, pick tortoiseshell frames instead of the usual plain black.

No sleeveless tops

Cutting out sleeves from your summer wardrobe will not help you cope with the heat. It looks much better to be wearing a short sleeved shirt, particularly if you have a bad tan line on your arms. You may think that sleeveless shirts show off your rippling arm muscles, but we can see them just as well in a top with short sleeves. Jersey-style tops are just unattractive on men, particularly when you can see more underarm hair than you ever wanted to look at.

Bring color to your wardrobe

You shouldn?t be afraid to wear bright colors, but unfortunately a lot of guys are. Summer is the prime season to start experimenting with lighter shades, and there are usually colors which become hugely trendy for men over the summer. Don?t shy away from deliciously summery colors such as red, purple, sky blue and of course yellow. If you are a newcomer to the lighter and brighter end of the color wheel, a light blue shirt is a safe starting point. Bright colors work even better when the neutral colors in your outfit are tan, beige and cream.

Boat shoes

The boat shoe is the quintessential summer shoe. Boat shoes are casual yet stylish, and a good quality pair will be breathable for your poor sweaty feet. They work well with shorts, especially because you can get away with not wearing socks. Boat shoes are a much more fashionable alternative to sandals, or worse, flip flops. Never wear flip flops.

Keep yourself groomed

Nobody will notice if you?re a little scruffy during the winter, but during the summertime you want to keep your body in check. Men who are particularly blessed in the chest hair department may want to clip their chest rug so it does not look like it is trying to escape from their tee shirts. If you?re going to wear sandals, your feet need to be in premium condition- keep those toenails short. Summer is also a time for frequent haircuts- a good way to bring in the happiest season each year is to get a good, short haircut. Maintain in with a trim every month to two months, depending on your look.

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