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How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was originally worn by pilots in the First World War, just like many other men?s fashion pieces which are now associated more with the catwalk than the defence forces. Whether you get your bomber jacket from a high-end boutique or a military surplus store, you?ll be the bomb in a bomber jacket.

Perfect for skinny guys

Bulk up without hitting the gym by donning a thick bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are flattering on slim body types. Unfortunately if you have a bigger build which you would like to minimise, wearing a bomber jacket will only make your size more obvious.

Do not make the mistake of going up a size, thinking that it will make you look even bigger. As bomber jackets already have padding, you will look like a small child playing dress-ups if you choose a jacket which is too big for you. It should have a little bit of room to move, but not enough room to store two of you.


A bomber jacket is a layering essential. It looks best as your top layer, over a v-neck sweater and a collared shirt. Your bomber jacket is your scarf?s best friend- while scarves are not always regarded as a particularly masculine accessory, this is neutralised by the hard-edge style of a bomber jacket.

Dressing it up

While primarily a casual piece, you can dress up your bomber jacket look by making a few clever clothing choices. You wouldn?t wear anything too delicate with a bomber jacket, such as a silk shirt or a bracelet watch. It would be more appropriate to pair it with a cotton shirt and coarse tie, for a smart street look.

When your bomber jacket looks geeky

It is quite possible to look geeky (and not in a good way) in a bomber jacket. Zipping or buttoning your jacket all the way to the top is a sure-fire way to look awkward. For best results, wear your bomber jacket completely open. If you must wear it zipped or buttoned up, don?t do it up any further than two thirds up your torso. You should also be wearing interesting clothing under it, whether it?s an awesome patterned shirt or a cashmere cardigan over a shirt.

Printed bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are available in a miscellany of prints as well as dark, basic colors. The prints that are available are highly seasonal. For example, since floral has become more popular for men, you are likely to find floral printed jackets. A colorful or weird print is not a bad option for those who are interested in fast fashion, and want to make a striking statement about how trendy they are. However, do not kid yourself that a printed bomber jacket is an investment piece, because I guarantee you will not be wearing it in a few months (or if you are still wearing it, you really shouldn?t be). Instead, go for classic designs such as black or brown leather, or grey with contrast sleeves.

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