The Style Mistakes That Make You Look Cheap

Whether or not you?re a big spender or an thrift shopper when it comes to fashion, you don?t want to look cheap and nasty. These fashion debacles are often made by men who are just starting to pay attention to dressing well. They think that they have discovered a genius style shortcut, but their mistake is all too obvious to those with a little more fashion knowledge.

Fake brands

Ironically, men who buy fake designer pieces do so in order to look rich. It is totally fine if you don?t want to shell out for expensive labels. However, it is not fine to drape yourself in fake designer items. The effect is even worse if it is a knockoff of a brand that is less than top-tier. You might think that nobody can tell your designer pieces are fake, but unless it is an excellent copy, it will be completely obvious to anyone who has seen the real thing.

Wrong length pants

It sounds obvious, but full-length pants should always be full-length. No more, no less. Pants that are too short make it look like you have not been able to update your wardrobe since your last growth spurt. This is understandable when you?re little, but it just looks awkward on anyone older than about fifteen. Pants that are too long and drag on the floor show that you have not been bothered hemming the legs to the correct length. Having the wrong length pants means you are either lazy or cheap (or both).

Relatedly, frayed jeans make you look poor. You may think that because jeans are a casual item, you do not need to bother hemming them. You would be dead wrong in assuming this. Once you have worn your too-long jeans a few times, the frayed ends will be wrecked beyond repair. When purchasing jeans, it is important to take up the legs to the right length before you wear them.

Dodgy accessories

Accessories such as your belt, wallet and any jewelry are the finishing touches to your outfit. Good accessories can greatly improve a terrible outfit, but conversely, terrible accessories completely murder a good outfit. It is so important to have a respectable leather belt, rather than a cheapie canvas belt in a garish color. If you haven?t updated your accessories since you were into skateboarding as a thirteen-year-old, your every outfit will look cheap.

Plastic shoes

Your dress shoes should be leather (or a convincing imitation of leather, if you prefer vegan fashion). Cheap polyurethane dress shoes look terrible. Plastic dress shoes won?t last you long and tend to smell bad. You may think you?ve come across the bargain of the century by forking out only a two-digit amount for your dress shoes, but everyone with functioning eyes will know that you cheaped out on your shoes. Synthetic materials are generally to be avoided; even someone with limited style knowledge will be able to feel the difference.


Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

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