The Conversation Topics That Make You Seem Sleazy

There is a fine line between being flirty and being sleazy. Moving the conversation into the risqu? can be a way to playfully build tension. Taking it too far completely ruins things and makes you appear sleazy. These are the topics which you should never bring up with a girl you?re trying to flirt with.

Asking her ?number?

You do not need to know how many people your potential lady has been to bed with. That is the type of question you might broach once you know each other really well. It is not something which is socially acceptable to ask your date. Younger guys tend to be the culprits behind this question, probably because it becomes a less fascinating topic as time goes on. You might think you are being flirty by asking questions about her sex life, but a little more subtlety is needed. Even if she is really into you, she will think you are a little weird for asking how many people she?s had sex with.

Her boobs

This should go without saying. No matter how much cleavage she?s showing, you don?t comment on it, much less start a conversation about it. Quietly appreciate her cleavage, rather than asking her if they?re real, if they run in her family, or any other weird questions. If it is a date situation, she has probably dressed that way for you intentionally, but it is still not an open invite for you to interrogate her about her breasts. Steering the conversation towards her chest makes you seem like you can?t hold an intelligent conversation.

Asking about her boyfriend

You?ve asked her if she?s got a boyfriend, she?s said yes, so it means she is not interested. That is not your cue to ask her how serious her relationship is, if she?s really happy with him, if he?s adequate in bed, and if she?d be interested in a bit on the side. This makes you seem like an opportunist. You might not think it is a big deal, as you can?t ruin your chances if you never had any to start with, but you don?t want her to badmouth you to her friends. Then you will have an entire group of girls that think you are sleazy.

Commenting on other women

It is not edgy to point out other women?s legs, butts, boobs or anything else. Most men know better to do this on a date, but think it is an appropriate topic of conversation in more informal situations such as at parties after a few too many drinks have been consumed. You may think it is a good idea to make a favourable comparison, such as telling a girl that you like that her style is more understated than that woman with the low-cut top and short skirt. She will just think you are a strange guy that ranks women against each other. Pointing out something on another woman for you both to ?appreciate? also comes off as sleazy.

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