Swimwear for the Skinny Guy

You forgot to go to the gym all year, and now you?re embarrassed to strip down to your swim trunks. At the beach or at the pool, you can?t get away with layering yourself in endless jackets to make your physique seem more substantial. Here are some tips for slim men to avoid looking like a toothpick on the sand.

Get the size right

The number one rule for swimwear, no matter your size, is to invest in swimwear that fits right. You don?t want to have trunks or shorts which are too big for you especially if you are on the small side; too much material will draw attention to how skinny your legs are. Tailored board shorts of a thick material look better than loose nylon shorts which seem to flap in the wind; baggy swimwear looks even worse on skinny guys when wet. Make sure to replace your swimmers as soon as they lose their elasticity in the waist, to avoid a butt-cleavage situation.

Avoid tiny trunks

You probably know better than to wear briefs at the beach. Spandex underpants are unambiguously hideous, and are only marginally better than going naked. Tight, short trunks are the more socially acceptable alternative, but not if you are on the skinny side. Trunks only suit those with god-like bodies. Go for something with a little more coverage, regardless of the tiny cropped trunks which are in season.

Go for board shorts

The most flattering look on a man with a slim build is board shorts. Don?t think that you need to wear the longest board shorts you can find, just because you are not muscular. Long board shorts are most unfashionable, and if anything they make your legs seem even thinner. You should definitely choose shorts that are above knee length, with mid-thigh being the most flattering on a skinny guy.

Patterned board shorts create the illusion of a little extra bulk. Look for designs such as fractals, floral, and checkered. For a tall, skinny guy; horizontally striped shorts make you seem a little bulkier. Avoid vertical stripes as they seem to elongate your physique. Short but slim guys are better off avoiding stripes altogether and going for a more subtle pattern.


Accessories can draw attention away from your weedy physique and towards your impeccable style. It is a little difficult to accessorise while in swimwear; a scarf paired with swim trunks would just look silly. A nice watch, waterproof of course, is a much more sensible choice. A pair of sunglasses, preferably of the designer variety, draws attention towards your face. A hat is also a practical but stylish accessory for lying on the sand or by the pool.

Get a tan

For pale guys, your beach outfit can be immensely improved with a good tan. Looking like a popsicle stick that blends in with the sand is not a good look. A tan accentuates any muscle tone you have ? that?s why bodybuilders are lathered in fake tan. A light, natural tan will see your swimming look improve as the summer goes on.

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