What You Need to Stop Wearing After 25

As you get older, you should retire some of the more casual items in your wardrobe which you can no longer get away with. Your style should be sleek and modern while taking inspiration from classic pieces. Some clothing, which looked great on you in years past, is no longer appropriate once you?ve hit the business end of your twenties.

Deep V-necks

Deep V-necked shirts are a polarizing topic, even among men young and fit enough to get away with the look. Popularized by shows such as Geordie Shore, deep V-neck tee-shirts are associated with partying in the trashiest possible way. This is great when you?re in your early twenties and starting to get into the club scene, but not so great when you?ve been in your V-neck, partying like it?s 1999 since ?99.

Snapback hats

Snapback caps can help you channel hip-hop style, but they are best suited to young men. As an adult, you should be choosing to adorn your head with more classic hat styles. There are plenty of more attractive options such as bowler and porkpie hats; so there is no reason to wear a snapback unless you are actually playing sport.

Slogan tee shirts

Nobody should wear slogan tee shirts. I could rant about slogan tee shirts to no end; they are immature, often offensive and rarely funny. Regardless of age, you should give them up as soon as you realise that there are far better tops to be worn. On a teenager, slogan tee shirts are cringe-worthy enough, but they are even worse on a grown man.

Tank tops

When you have past your physical prime, stop wearing tank tops as outerwear. Now, if you?re 35 and still rocking the tank top with massive biceps, don?t let your age stop you from showing off your best features. However, most grown men just can?t get away with wearing a tank top as a shirt; it?s a very teenage look.

Runners as casual shoes

You can get away with wearing fluoro sneakers with your jeans when you?re going to class, but once you get your first real job, it is time so retire sneakers to being your sport shoes only. Use those fresh paychecks to invest in some real shoes, of the leather variety. You especially cannot get away with wearing trainers with your suit. You may have been able to do this when you were fourteen and nobody expected you to have a fully developed sense of style, but as an adult, you should know better.

Costume jewelry

Chain necklaces that turn orange over time as the silver paint rubs off are not a good look on an adult. Rings that turn your fingers green are also in the ?no? pile. You should be wearing real jewelry- the kind which lasts you a lifetime and comes from a reputable jeweler. Jewelry made out of precious metals and stones is also less ostentatious than fake pieces, giving you a more refined look.

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