Nightclub Deal-Breakers

Out clubbing is where you are most likely to pick up, but you could be unknowingly shooting yourself in the foot because of these instant deal-breakers. Even if you have an armory of perfect pick-up lines and have presented yourself well in a snazzy outfit, women will be completely turned off you the second you display any of these bad behaviors.

Refusing to dance

Don?t be that guy that stands beside the dance-floor looking awkward. Worse, don?t turn down an offer to dance because you are worried about looking silly. Master a few dance moves and quit being too uptight to dance. Even if you are completely uncoordinated, the only thing worse than looking ridiculous on the dance-floor is refusing to set foot on it.

Bad breath

When you?ve been drinking all night, your breath is not going to smell great. Having a dry throat from talking loudly to hear over the music will not help matters. It is especially important to have nice-smelling breath in a nightclub context, where you will be leaning in close to talk to girls and hopefully going in for the kiss at some point. Bad breath is a huge turn-off, and will make women dislike you even if you are quite attractive in every other way. You certainly won?t have anyone lining up to make out with you with the smell of beer on your breath. Always bring mints with you when you go out, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Hitting on all her friends

You can?t get away with hitting on every girl at the club, hoping that at least one of them will fall for it. Shoot at everything and you will end up with nothing. This is particularly true for smaller venues. A woman will not be impressed that you are only talking to her because her cute friend was having none of it. She will be even less impressed if you move onto a different friend of hers just because she was playing hard to get. You need to be selective so you don?t come across as sleazy and desperate.

The wrong shoes

Unless a woman is very drunk, she is going to notice if you are wearing your old sneakers, or worse, sandals, at the club. For most girls, it is important that you are at least dressed appropriately. Note that this is different to dressing well. Not all women care if you are lacking in fashion sense, as long as you are not in a ridiculous outfit that clearly does not fit in with the dress code.

Throwing up

It?s fine to have a few drinks when you?re out, but know your limits. There is nothing attractive about that guy throwing up on the floor. It?s also not hot to go for a stealth vomit in the bathroom- it makes you smell like death. Once you start to feel sick, it?s time to go home. You can?t recover from it on the night, no matter how much water you drink.

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