How to Raise Your Status Around Girls

Today I wanted to talk about this idea of “status.”

What do you think of when you hear that word?


The word used to intimidate me. I used to picture the guys at the club with bottle service, who seemed to know everyone, surrounded by hot chicks, dressed in trendy clothes?

And I’d hear things like “you’ve got to have status” and it would frustrate me.

I’d sort of remember back to the high school hierarchy and how some girls just seemed so damn out of reach.

But then a few years back I had a huge revelation.

“Status is a state of mind.”

Let that bounce around your head for a second.

#1 Thought Holding You Back

The #1 thing that holds most guys from going from the girl they really want is the little voice in their head that think; “why would she choose me?”

And that voice usually stems from feeling like you have inadequate status.

Like your “social resume” isn’t strong enough.

But I want to let you in on a big secret.

#1 Way a Girl Judges Your Status Level

There is only ONE WAY a girl can accurately judge your status level.

And that IS?

Drum roll?

The. way. you. TALK.

That’s it.

The fancy watch. The bottle service. The gaggle of girls around you? Means NADA.

None of that means a thing if you start talking and come across as boring, needy, try hard, socially clueless. Because even if she was initially attracted to your physical appearance? POOF gone.

Here’s the good news.

It works both ways.

This means you can be AVERAGE by all accounts.

No awesome job. No jet-setting lifestyle. No gaggle
of girls surrounding you.



If you start talking to a girl and immediately “get on her level” and connect with her?

Flirt with her? Banter with her? Tease her? Challenge her?

All the while coming across completely NON approval seeking, non needy, and completely detached from the outcome of the conversation.

THAT displays more status than a Ferrari ever could.

Your Value Is Defined By Her Experience Around You

Always remember:

“Your value is defined by the moment she is experiencing.”

The more fun she’s having. The higher your status.

The more turned on she is. The higher your status.

The more connection she feels. The higher your status.


Having “high status conversations” is pretty easy.

It doesn’t require you to be super outgoing, or funny, or have millions of interesting stories.

In fact all those things can hinder you.

A lot of having high status conversations is simply eliminating things like?

? Trying to impress her
? Trying too hard to be funny
? Being too agreeable or needy
? Being too interested in uninteresting things about her

And then replacing them with a more laid back flirtatious vibe.

==> If you want to know how to create that “vibe” watch this

The laid back flirtatious vibe trumps all.

Make it happen!


P.S. What makes an average looking girl hot?

The. same. exact. thing.

Did you ever work with a girl, or have class with her and by all accounts she wasn’t super hot.

But when you started talking to her she just “got it” and was on your level. AND she was laid back and flirtatious?

I bet it turned you on. Even if you weren’t initially attracted to her.

It?s the same with girls.

Guys that communicate this way are rare.

Girls HUNGER for these types of guys.

Be that type of guy.

Here’s how

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