A Guide to Male Kegeling

The Ultimate Guide to Male Kegeling: ?How to Become?a Multi-Orgasmic-Man

When it comes to sex, the absolute most IMPORTANT muscles in your body are the pelvic floor muscles? And the one way to make them stronger is by doing kegel exercises?Yep, you heard me right?they?re not just for women!

Doing kegel exercises is one the BEST ways for a man to improve his sex life!

If you practice this EFFECTIVE and simple exercise for five minutes, two or three times a day?you will most likely see a HUGE improvement in your ability to control your erection, and it can even turn you into a MULTI-ORGASMIC man!

So lets start with the basics?

What Exactly Do The Pelvic Floor Muscles Do?

The pelvic floor muscles support your pelvic organs. This includes your bladder, intestines, and the ability to urinate.

When contracted just before you reach the point of no return?you an actually prevent an orgasm from happening! And if you do this enough?you can become a multi-orgasmic man and experience some of the BEST orgasms of your life =)

To help you understand EXACTLY where your pelvic floor muscles are, I made a diagram for you! Check it out?

The Key Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Many doctors, and sexual experts actually refer to kegel exercises for men as ?sexercise? because of all the benefits it offers?

  • Strengthens your penis for a HARDER, and STRONGER erection.
  • Improves the angle of your erection.
  • Increases load size and gives you the most EXPLOSIVE orgasms.
  • Allows you to have GREATER sexual stamina with your girl.
  • Increases blood flow to the penis, which naturally makes you BIGGER.

Kegel exercises are extremely simple to do, once you know which muscles to target. And the easiest way to find them is during urination!

Let me explain?

How To Find Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

1.)? The next time you?re urinating, try to stop or slow down the flow of your pee. I know it sounds a little weird, but I promise it works?the muscles used to stop urination is your pelvic floor muscle!

2.)? When doing this remember: don?t tense the muscles in your butt, legs, or stomach, and DON?T hold your breath!

3.)? Squeezing these muscles gives a pulling sensation, so once you feel it and you can stop the flow of your urine, you?ve found the right muscles!

Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Mmmm?yes! You heard me! Practicing kegel exercises can help you be a man of many orgasms!

Once your pelvic floor muscles are strong, you?ll have the ability to stop yourself from ejaculating!

To do this though? you HAVE to be in full control and hold a tight kegel contraction for at least 10 seconds.

Once you can do that?these next three steps will be cake!

1.)? Just as you?re about to cum and are at the point of no return?contract the muscles for a kegel. Do this when you can actually feel the semen moving through your junk and ejaculation just cant be avoided.

2.)? Hold the contraction for about 10 seconds or more?if you are strong enough =)

3.)? After the urge to cum all over the place has gone away?release the kegel.

The hardest part of all this is building your pelvic floor muscles so they are strong enough to take the pressure of ejaculating.

Learning this process and doing it the right way can take a few weeks, to even months?but once you get it down?the end result is AMAZING! So practice, practice, practice!

The 6 Steps To Experiencing Multiple Orgasms

There are six major steps you need to take if you?d like to be an orgasmic machine! =)

But your multi-orgasmic success all comes down to three things: Strength, technique, and .

Now let me just warn you that this process isn?t always easy to master?but with dedication you can totally do it!

And don?t forget to involve your girl =) Kegel exercises are not just for men?kegels can be done by women too! I do them everyday hehe!

Teach your girl how to do them and practice together. If she squeezes her pelvic floor muscles during intercourse, her vagina will tighten and increase the pleasure for both of you! And a harder erection and tighter vagina always makes the sex better!

OK, lets move on the six MAJOR steps?I hope you?re ready! =)

1.)? Kegel: This entire report is about kegel exercises so obviously that?s the first step to becoming multi-orgasmic! This is SUPER important in order to stop your ejaculation?but you must be STRONG enough to prevent it. Practicing is the only way to become well trained!

2.)? Point of No Return: Learning your point of no return is the next step, and is an absolute MUST! This is literally when your body is on the verge of cumming, whether you want to or not.

You need to know how your body feels and responds to stimulation at this point? And the best way to do this is with a technique called edging, a technique described in step 3!

3.)? Kegel Edging: Edging is a technique used during masturbation. Basically, stopping right before you?re ready to blow your load. If you repeat this technique over and over?you?ll soon have more control over your body, and your cock =)

Do this while using kegels to avoid ejaculation. The muscle contractions actually close off the urethra, so no semen can be released.

4.)? Dry Orgasms: Practice kegel exercises until you reach the DRY orgasm! This is when you have an orgasm WITHOUT ejaculating. Let me just say?it takes a TON of strength, but I know you can do it =) Getting the , and control especially takes great practice, but once you master it, you?ll have an experience you?ll NEVER forget.

5.)? Maintaining Your Erection: Staying hard after a dry orgasm is the KEY to multiple orgasms. The thing is?you?re mind thinks you?re done because you had a single orgasm, but your body is actually prepared to keep going!

So?keep the strength and move forward! But if this doesn?t happen right away, it?s totally ok! It?s going to take quite a few tries.

6.)? Second Orgasm and More:Once you?ve mastered the first five steps, and can continuously maintain your erection?you are now MULTI-ORGASMIC! YOU decide when you want to cum, and when you are ready for a complete, super-soaking orgasm! All you gotta do is not kegel at the point of no return.

So, there you have it…your complete guide to kegel exercises, and how to become MULTI-ORGASMIC for the best sex of your entire life!

I sure hope you enjoyed this jam-packed report! Women experience multiple orgasms all the time, so I thought?why not send you a little something that can get you on HER level =)

So, practice, practice, practice, and most importantly?have fun, stay hard, and show your girl what you?re made of. ? *If you would like to see live demonstrations of these techniques click here.


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