When She Ignores Your Calls After a One-Night Stand

You flirted your way to the bedroom, so you must have been doing something right. But the next day, she suddenly loses all interest in you and will not even pick up the phone. What went wrong?
It is possible that she is playing hard to get, and wants you to make more of an effort to get in contact. However, it is more likely that there is a less flattering explanation.

She thinks you were bad in bed

The number one reason why she is ignoring you is because she does not want to sleep with you again. This is probably because she was disappointed with your bedroom performance. This is especially likely if you had been flirting for quite a while and she seemed really into you. She has suddenly gone cold because you had not lived up to her expectations.

Unflattering morning light

Similarly to the above reason, she no longer wants to sleep with you because she realised you were not as cute as she thought. You hit it off at the club the night before, but in the sober morning light you looked much less attractive. She wants to forget it ever happened, and answering your phone calls will not help with that.

She feels awkward

There may not be any particular reason for her to ignore you. She may think you were perfectly nice and not at all unimpressive in the sack. However, she just does not want to deal with the awkwardness of talking to you on the phone. For whatever reason, she does not want anything more to do with you once you have already slept together. Perhaps she feels she has nothing more to offer, or maybe she thinks that it is not socially acceptable to stay in touch with a one-night stand.

She gave you a fake number

She really does not want to deal with you again. You had your one-night stand, and now she is going to disappear and never consider you again. So, in the morning, she gave you a fake number so she does not have to explain that she is not interested anymore. You can expect this sort of trick if she is young or immature, a more confident woman will probably tell you to your face that there is no point swapping numbers.

Whatever the reason for her ignoring you after your night of passion, you do not have a way of knowing her intention. It is likely that she does not want to hear from you, but you also do not know if she is playing hard to get, or even if she is just too busy to take your call. Don?t be the annoying guy that keeps calling until you get an explanation, however. The best course of action is to send her a quick text saying that you tried to call and that you?d like to hear from her. If she never replies, you can be sure that she does not want to be involved with you again.

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