How to Never Send an Embarrassing Text Again

4 questions that can save you from sending her an embarrassing text

Yes, there is a limit to what you can do with texting. You have to be able to seal the deal when you are face-to-face with a girl. BUT texting is a much more effective attraction-building tool than most guys think. IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO SEND HER.

Most guys don’t have a clue about what to text. So they kill whatever vibe they have with a girl by sending texts that are boring or that make them sound needy or even desperate. I think every guy who has ever had a cell phone is guilty of sending these kinds of texts to a girl at some point in his dating life. It happened to me more times that I want to admit.

If you want to spark her interest instead of turning her off with your texts, then you should ask yourself these 4 questions before you send her that first message (and before every text you send until you get her on a date).

These questions will save you from ever sending an awkward, embarrassing or ineffective text.

Q1: Does it sound like something every other guy would write?

I think a lot of guys are subconsciously trying to play it safe when they send a first text to a girl. They are just hoping her response will give them a sign about whether or not she is interested. But I guarantee you that she doesn’t want to come up with an answer to ?how is your day?? A hundred guys have already texted her that question.

Never send a generic first message to a girl, because this kick-off text is the perfect opportunity to show her that you are different from those other guys.

If you know what to send, you can spark her interest with a text that has some unexpected content. Something that is going to make her laugh or at least smile. Something that is going to make her think that you are different from all the other boring guys who text her.

***There is a trick to creating this kind of text. I’ll show it to you in a little bit.

Q2: Is what I am writing clear? Will she understand it?

This is a big problem. A guy will be trying too hard to be clever or funny and he will send a text that isn’t clear. The girl will respond with a ?what?? (or she won’t respond at all), and then the guy will get thrown off his game.

Happens all the time.

So don’t ignore one of the biggest positive traits of texting: you can review what you have written before you send it. Check for any embarrassing or confusing autocorrects, and for any references that she might not get. This will save you from having to send an awkward text where you try to explain yourself.

Keep reading, I’ll show you where to find examples of humorous texts that I use again and again to spark a girl’s interest.

Q3: What can I do to make this more fun and more unique?

Like I said already, your texts have to stand out. They have to be different from the usual messages that a girl gets from guys.

But you don’t have to get carried away and take two hours to craft a perfectly funny, flirty text. A lot of times, it is as simple as jazzing up a basic message with an extra phrase or two.

Adjective phrases are always effective for sexy-ing up a message.

Example: you are not just ?drinking some good coffee,? you are ?drinking coffee that was ground by the hand of God.? Never miss an opportunity to put something in a text that is going to make her smile or at least make her read it more closely before she puts down her phone. Trust me, the more interesting quirks you put in your texts, the more likely she will be to pay attention to them (and to respond to them).

Q4: Is this text part of a sequence that can get her to want to meet me face-to-face?

Overall, you have one main goal and one ?side? goal when you are texting a girl.

The main one: to get her on a date. Every text you send should be moving towards suggesting a face-to-face meeting. Anything that is not moving towards this goal is not worth sending.

And the ?side? goal: to create a spark with her so that when you do get the date, she already thinks she is attracted to you.

Rob, a good friend of mine, is a wizard at accomplishing both these goals. He can do it in just 3-4 texts. He’s let me look at his phone a few times. Every text gets a ?yes? answer for the 4 questions I just listed.

And these 3-4 text sequences follow a certain pattern.

I want to share some of Rob’s more interesting texts with you, and I also want to tell you about what I think is a totally fail-proof template (based on the patterns I saw in Rob’s texts) for getting a girl to go out with you with just a few texts.

(The best thing about these templates is that you can easily expand them so you can keep going with the sequence if she says no the first time you suggest a date without seeming awkward or desperate at all).

When you are ready to take your phone game to the next level, go here to learn the text sequence templates and to see some really fail-proof examples of super-effective texts.


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