What She Wants In a First Kiss

So much of the focus in dating is on one thing only: how to get her into bed. Kissing is barely mentioned, or is treated only as a stepping stone on the way to getting into her pants. When you?re dating and hoping that something serious will come out of it, you do not want to mess up that all-important first kiss.

The right setting

Spontaneity is overrated. Kisses should be predictable. At the conclusion of a date is the perfect time for a passionate first kiss. It may be clich?d, but it is still romantic. Fireworks and Ferris wheels are also conducive for a first kiss. A memorable first kiss needs the perfect moment, and perfect moments are usually planned in advance.

No surprise kisses

You cannot go in for the kiss if you are getting no signals from her. No woman wants you to stick your tongue down her throat unexpectedly. You should ascertain that she wants to be kissed before you do it. Even women who do not like being asked directly, preferring you to take charge, still need some indication that you would like to kiss her. This intensifies the experience. It also gives her a chance to prepare- especially important if she is eating or drinking at the time. Importantly, it also gives her time to stop the kiss from happening if she feels the moment is not right.

Make it a moment

To non-verbally let her know that you want to kiss her, lean in close and make eye contact for a few seconds. Glance at her lips and up at her eyes again, perhaps several times, before moving in for the kiss. You need to be able to read her signals and ascertain that she wants to kiss. Do not be afraid of taking your time by holding eye contact. If you are not sure if she is into it at this point, you should save the kiss for later. If you really want to build anticipation, you can even do this on purpose a few times. Leaning in and making eye contact creates intense moments between you.

Should you ask?

If you are not sure that the moment is right, you may want to ask her if you can kiss her. Some women do not like it when you verbalise your desire to kiss her. Most women will think it is a sweet gesture. There is no specific type of woman that does not like it- you cannot predict if she will find it a turn off. It is worth taking the risk. If she is really into you, even a woman who prefers not to be asked verbally will not mind that you asked. Do not ask out of nowhere- it needs to be an intimate moment, or she is likely to say no because of the awkwardness.

Be prepared

The most romantic kiss ever is completely ruined by poor oral hygiene. Bad breath or fragments of your last meal hanging out between your teeth will immediately turn her off. If you chew gum to keep your breath fresh, make sure you spit it out first.

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