The Worst Hair Trends of 2014

Following hair trends can often be a poor decision. No doubt you will look back on photos and cringe at that time you copied the haircut of Harry Styles of One Direction fame. However, for the moment such a hairstyle is still fashionable and attractive, so there is nothing wrong with having it. Contrarily, there are some hairstyles which sadly do not even look good at the time they become a trend. Here are some of the least appealing hair trends of the year so far. Do not try them at home, or anywhere for that matter.

The Phil and Lil

This is the Macklemore haircut taken to its extreme. You may remember Phil and Lil as the twin babies on kids? cartoon show Rugrats. Phil and Lil are bald except for a tall tuft of hair on the very top of their head. The haircut is no longer for fictional toddlers anymore; unfortunately it does not look so cute on the fully grown. Men everywhere are sporting shaved sides with a gravity-defying, over-gelled quiff atop their heads. An undercut still a good hair choice, but the bringing this style to the extreme is one of the worst hair trends this year. Even Josh Duhamel, who is usually quite well maintained, had this hairstyle for a time.

The topknot

Tying your straggly long hair in a bun on top of your hair does nothing to hide the fact that you desperately need a haircut. In fact, it makes it even worse. The topknot can be done in combination with an undercut for a more modern look, but is still quite hideous on most guys. You can maybe get away with it if you are decidedly hipster; otherwise you just look unkempt. Guys who tie up their hair often are lacking in the personal hygiene department, perhaps because their hair only grew so long due to being too lazy to get a cut. If you must have long hair, the most important advice for you is to keep it clean. Shampoo often, and get trims regularly to keep it looking healthy.

Beard longer than hair

Beards have become extremely fashionable in the last few years. In a disturbing new development, some men are growing luscious beards while keeping their head hair cropped short. You do not look like an ironic throwback to the 1800s, but you do look like you have forgotten to shave for two hundred years in a row. This style has an aging effect, possibly because it is favored by old men. It is generally best to have your head hair being longer than your beard, if only slightly, to prevent your beard from resembling a jungle. Bushy beards have the potential to look disgusting; keep your look neat with a short beard. If your head hair is so short that your beard becomes longer than your head hair by default, then a beard is not for you until you grow out your hair.

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