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What to Wear to a Fancy Restaurant

There is much etiquette to master with fine dining. At the very least, you can have your outfit sorted. Dressing for a formal dinner is similar to dressing for a job interview; you want to look as sharp as possible.

It is always better to dress more formally than required, than to dress too casually. You may be slightly embarrassed if you are the only one in your party wearing a suit, but you look better for it. It is impolite to be undressed, not to be overdressed.

Wear a suit

You cannot go wrong in wearing a suit to a fancy restaurant. Some restaurants have dress codes that require you to wear a jacket. Most do not have explicit dress codes, but that does not mean you can get away with wearing tatty jeans with trainers. At a minimum, you need to be in a dress shirt and suit pants. In hot weather, it is good to skip the jacket; otherwise, it is an important part of your outfit. A visibly cheap suit will do you no favors. If you are at an expensive restaurant, you should also be in an expensive-looking suit.

A tie is optional

You do not absolutely need to wear a tie at most venues. However, you should wear one anyway as it completes your outfit. A tie can add a splash of color to your suit, which can otherwise be too boring.

Don?t drown in perfume

It is cruel to subject those in your company to the overpowering smell of your cologne. Smell is a big part of the experience of eating; the strong soapy smell of the guy sitting next to you can completely ruin your steak. Consider that you will be in an enclosed space, in close proximity to others. A brief squirt of your favorite fragrance is sufficient.

Shoes are least important

Usually, shoes are one of the most important parts of your outfit. This is not the case in a restaurant, for the simple fact that you will be sitting down the whole time. It is better to pay more attention to your top half, which will be visible. You can certainly wear exquisite shoes if you wish to, but basic black dress shoes will suffice.

No hat

It is rude to wear a hat inside. You may be drawn to the idea of exuding old-world charm with a pork pie hat, but do not do it. At best, you will be wearing your hat for the amount of time it takes you to walk from the car to the restaurant entry. You are then prone to forget to take your hat off and will come across as rude. It is also awkward to figure out what to do with your hat once you do take it off; stuffing it under your chair does not do it justice, and you could well leave it there by accident. If you would like to accessorize, do so with jewelry instead.

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