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How Your Work Wear Makes You Look Like You’re In The Eighties

Men?s work wear today is not too different from work fashions of the 1980s. We have not come far, and yet, there are a few small touches that bring your work outfit into the twenty-first century. Particularly if you base your work wear off that of your dad or grandfather, you may find that you are reproducing these awful mistakes which should be left in the eighties.

Tan suits

Light colored suits were all the rage in the eighties. Tan and light grey suits are a dead giveaway that you have shopped in the bargain section of the thrift shop. You do not need to stick to plain black suits; there are several color options besides which are work-appropriate and look modern. If you must wear grey, dark shades are much more fashionable. Navy blue suits were common in the eighties, but they have aged well and you can still wear them. It is just tan which should be avoided at all costs.

Pants crease

Nothing screams 1980s like a traveler?s crease ironed into your pants. That line that runs down your slacks makes your legs look like they are made from Lego blocks. It seems that office workers of the eighties forced their pants to submit to the almighty iron, with sharp-looking lines being key to professionalism circa 1980. You should seek out more modern cuts that do not require a crease.
There are some instances in which you should have a crease in your pants. As a rule of thumb, pants that came with a crease ironed in should have that crease retained. They were designed to hang with a crease, and will never fit right again if you iron it out. It is when you force a formerly crease-less pair into having that line that you will run into style problems.

Short sleeved shirt

White, short-sleeved shirts have no place in your modern work wardrobe. Work shirts should always be long sleeved and preferably in a breathable fabric. If you partake in the sin of tucking short sleeved white shirt into your high-waist slacks, you are well on your way to looking like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Yes, the film was made in 1993, but the main character is stuck in a rut so he had probably been wearing the same shirt for ten years.

The comb-over

If you have gleaned your knowledge of looking professional from Wall Street, the 1987 version, you may have slicked-back helmet hair to go with your ill-fitting suit. Modern workplace hair has a lot more leeway for you to express your individuality. For a conservative workplace, your hair should be short, but does not need to be perfectly gelled. In fact, it should not be perfectly gelled, as this look has not aged well. If you use hair product, it should not be visible. Stay away from gel, in favor of products that do not make your hair greasy.

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