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Four Styles of Jeans That You Need In Your Life

Your casual wardrobe needs a basis of jeans in a variety of cuts. These are some timeless styles that can form the foundation to any outfit, with no skinny jeans in sight.


As the name would suggest, tapered jeans have more room in the thigh area, but less around the calves and less still around the ankles. Tapered jeans are a close cousin to skinny jeans; the key difference, of course, is that skinny jeans are also slim-fitting in the thigh area. Tapered jeans are a more mature alternative to skinny jeans, as well as being more comfortable. Tapered jeans do not make much of a statement; they are a neutral backdrop against which to set your outfit. They suit all body shapes and sizes.

Boot cut

The 1970s gave us bell-bottoms, which should no longer be worn unless you are at a costume party. Bell-bottoms disappeared for a while, but reappeared in disguise. The 1990s brought boot cut jeans, which retain the flares of bell-bottoms but in a more subdued fashion. Skinny jeans may have dominated the 2010s, but boot cut jeans remain a mainstream style in high street shops. Boot cut jeans today have a very subtle flare, and so they are a particularly flattering choice for guys with muscular calves that can otherwise look ridiculous in jeans.

Straight leg

Owning at least one pair of straight cut jeans is essential. Straight leg jeans are a conservative choice; they are presentable without being trendy. Straight leg jeans do taper slightly, but are by no means tight. They are best suited to slim guys who do not want something too form fitting, although most shapes and sizes can get away with wearing straight cut jeans. Be careful with what color you choose, as straight leg jeans run the risk of looking dated. Select dark denim rather than light blue, and avoid acid wash, in straight leg styles in order to keep a more modern look.

Athletic fit

Levi?s new release, athletic fit jeans (or 541s), has extra room for your thighs and backside. They are billed as being suited for men who are more heavily built in the upper half of the leg, presumably from copious amounts of squats. I would also recommend them to men who are carrying a bit of extra weight in the legs. If you find regular jeans to be a squeeze in some areas and too loose in others, the well-proportions 541s may be an option for you. It is better to have jeans that are fitted to your body type rather than to go up a size in regular fit, which would then be baggy around the calves and ankles. The style has been a long time coming and some men will really benefit from having jeans that complement their shape. Athletic fit jeans are similar to the tapered style, but with different proportions; the tapering is more exaggerated on the 541s.

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