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Square End Ties

When you think of different types of tie, you may be thinking of skinny ties versus wide ties, or different materials that ties usually come in. You may even think of different ways of knotting your tie. But there is something else to consider- square end ties.

Square end ties were fashionable in the 1980s, but quickly disappeared from the necks of men everywhere. The return to pointed end ties was so successful that nowadays, many men are unaware that square end ties exist. This means that it is high time to start wearing them again. Square ties are stylish precisely because so few men wear them; your efforts in wearing one are bound to be commented on by the fashion-conscious and clueless alike. Square end ties are less formal than your traditional pointed end ties, so they are perfect for events where you want to dress up but show some flair.

The modern look

Modern square end ties are usually thin and made out of silk or similar. Square end ties are quite dainty, in contrast to their coarser predecessors. The best option for a modern square end tie is a block color tie with a horizontal stripe of another color at the very bottom. The stripe should not exceed half an inch in width for a streamlined look. You then have two colors to use as accents for the rest of your outfit.

A Windsor knot is the best option for your square end tie, as it is a simple knot that will not detract from the more interesting features of the tie. As a square end tie is the same width throughout, you also want the knot to be relatively small so your tie does not look too top-heavy.

Modern square end ties are ideal for events where a tie is optional, but you would still like to dress up. Depending on the culture of your workplace, it may also be an option to introduce square end ties into your rotation.

The vintage look

If you are lucky enough to get your hand on a vintage square end tie from the 50s or the 80s, you will find that it has quite a different aesthetic to modern square end ties. Vintage square end ties are usually made from wool and often feature a geometric print or pattern. You can also get block color ties which tend to be a coarse knit, the texture being its distinguishing feature. Coarsely knitted square end ties run the risk of looking like a sock, so avoid patterns which are too sock-like, such as horizontal stripes.

While vintage square end ties are certainly stylish, they can be quite difficult to wear. They are much less formal than modern square end ties, so you can only wear them with casual outfits, which rarely call for a tie. I would recommend that you wear plenty of color and layering with vintage square end ties to create an incredibly stylish yet casual outfit.

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