4 Foods That Will (and 4 That Won’t) Keep You Feeling Full

The balance between feeling satisfied after eating and the amount of calories consumed is key to controlling weight loss. Some foods ? in particular Chinese ? can make us feel hungrier than we felt before we sat down at the dinner table. Here, we list four foods that will (and four that won?t) keep you feeling full:


1.???? Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and contain a whopping six grams for just 70 calories. One study showed that people who ate for breakfast lost more weight than those who were having bagels for the same amount of calories, mainly due to the fact that they felt satisfied for longer during the day.

2.???? Soup

Studies have proven that foods which contain a lot of water can keep you feeling full. You may have experienced it at a restaurant before if you?ve ordered for a starter – by the time the main course arrives you?ve already started to feel less hungry. A broth-based is the best to go for because of its fibre-rich vegetables such as celery and spinach.

3.???? Avocados

According to health experts, the amount of monounsaturated fats in s can help slow the rate at which your stomach digests food. They?re also packed with other vital nutrients like folate, potassium and vitamin E.

4.???? Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

Just like , these are bursting full of protein goodness with 17 grams per six ounce container ? that?s more than four slices of turkey!


1.???? The Three C?s ? Cookies, Crackers and Croissants

This trio is so bad we had to group them all together. All of them are high in processed and sugary carbohydrates which inevitably cause hunger. Whole-grain snacks are a much healthier option.

2.???? Alcohol

Ok so it?s not technically a food, but alcohol is notorious for bringing on hunger which most people can vouch for after a heavy session. Avoid the booze at all costs.

3.???? Cereal

Most cereals contain hunger-inducing ingredients such as sugar and not much of anything else. Why not try Kashi GoLean as an alternative, which provides 40% of your daily fiber needs and 20% of your daily protein needs in one serving.

4.???? ?Diet? Frozen Meals

These diet frozen meals might be low in fat on the packaging, but some of them actually have too few calories and lack the right amount of vegetables and fruits. Stick to the home cooking.

So the key to feeling satisfied for longer is held between these three magic foods: protein, healthy fats and protein. If you?ve got plenty of them in your diet then sit back and watch the weight drop off.


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