8 Ways to Obtain a Marvelous Body without a Gym Membership

The idea of turning up to a crowded gym every day after a hard day of work can be enough to make you cringe. We all love the idea of getting in shape ? after all women love a man with a nice body, but forcing yourself to get in shape over the holiday season can be torture. Not only do you have to drive through the lousy weather and avoid delicious treats, you may also feel uncomfortable about strangers watching you sweat away the pounds on the gym?s treadmill. Fortunately, there are some comfortable, and cheaper ways for you to get the body you want in time for the New Year, without a gym membership.

According to physicians, it doesn?t matter where a person chooses to workout ? you could do push-ups in your office if you wanted to. What matters is that you continue to exercise regularly. Anyone can exercise within the warmth of their own home ? as long as they?re up for a challenge. You will need to avoid the children, television, and persistent phone calls for an hour or two every day, but at least this?ll give you an excellent excuse to avoid doing the dishes.

Although there are many specific exercises that you can do at home to help you lose weight, a good general tip will be to select regimes that include full-body movements, as these will incorporate more of your muscle groups. Working out with weights is an astounding way to boost your metabolism speed dramatically, but using your bodyweight alone is amazing for combatting stress.

Ways to Obtain a Marvelous Body without a Gym Membership

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This exercise might take a few attempts to get right, so remember to pace yourself, and don?t get frustrated too quickly. Give yourself a total goal of approximately 15 to 20 crawls. First, start by arranging yourself into a push-up position, with your hands carefully lined up beneath your shoulders. One arm at a time, lower yourself into planking position, resting on your forearms, with your elbows lined up with your shoulders. Slowly push yourself back into your starting position one arm at a time, and alternate the arm you start with each time. For an even tougher challenge, keep your knees to the floor.


Lay down on your back, arms by your sides and bend your knees upwards while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Keeping your spine straight, raise your hips so that a straight line forms from your shoulders to your knees, and hold for three seconds. Slowly lower back to the floor, and repeat.

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Taking a page out of yoga?s book, start out on all fours in the downward dog position. Make sure that your hands are directly beneath your shoulders, and that your knees are positioned beneath your hips. Carefully extend one leg behind you and reach the arm from the other side of the body forwards until your arm and leg form a straight line. Maintain your balance for a number of seconds whilst keeping your spine perfectly straight, then return to your starting position and start again, using the arm and leg from the other side of your body.


have gotten a lot of love recently, and there?s a good reason for this. Start off by standing up straight with your feet about a shoulders? width apart, then lower your hips as though you?re sitting in an invisible chair. Make sure that when you?re bending your knees, your thighs stay parallel to the floor, and make sure that your knees do not reach out beyond your toes. Keep your chest up, and your gaze straight ahead, then return back to your standing position and repeat. Add some weights if you really want to work out your abs and bring out that six pack.

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Push your weight onto one foot and then lean forwards, keeping your body as straight as possible. If you are leading with your right foot, lift your left heel upwards and into the air (or vice versa with a leading left foot). Make sure that your standing leg has a slight bend in the knee so that it doesn?t lock up and cause you any pain. If you find that you struggle to maintain your balance, try to either focus on a solid item in front of you.


Start by standing with your feet a shoulder-width apart, arms by your sides. Take one step forwards with your left foot, and lower your right knee towards the floor, without touching the ground. You should get a bend of about ninety degrees, but make sure that your knee stays directly over your ankle, and don?t let it go beyond your toes. After a few seconds, return back to your standing position, balance yourself out, and repeat the motion with your opposite foot.


Start off by lying directly straight on your side so that your shoulder lines up with your elbow. Ensuring that your feet remain on the floor, lift your hips, and support your body with the strength of your forearm. Hold the position for at least three seconds, before carefully moving back to the floor and repeating on the opposite side.


Carefully position your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders, and hold your body straight. Bend your elbows until they come close to your body, and lower your chest before pushing back into the starting position. If you?re having trouble at first, you can use your knees to make things simpler.

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