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10 Health Benefits of Taking a Time Out

10?Health Benefits of Taking a Time Out

The world today revolves around iPhones and packed calendars, to-do lists and wifi connections. The problem is, our bodies and our minds haven’t adapted to this the way we’d like, technology is moving too fast for our poor brains to keep up. I’m not saying it’s all a bad thing, being able to use Google to find a wealth of information while you’re on a safari is convenient, of course; and providing free education to the world is an empowering thought.

The problem is distraction. With this technology has come social media, we’re checking our devices every 6.5 minutes — emails, Facebook, Twitter — We’re constantly connected, plugged in to a virtual world.

Your brain wasn’t meant to jump between things so quickly. Despite what some might claim, we’re not good multitaskers, and trying to manage several things at once is having an adverse effect on our ability to focus and concentrate. The remedy:?Silence, rest and solitude.

1. Bypassing Burnout
Too often, our culture assigns self-worth with productivity. Whether it’s asking what your country can do for you, or what you can do for your country, the question remains — what can be done? It’s a one-way ticket to burnout.

Solitude allows for a break from the tyrant of productivity. And rather than being in opposition, doing nothing helps with doing much.?Promega is a company with on-the-job “third spaces” where employees are able to take solitude breaks and meditate in natural light. The health benefits have resulted in improved productivity levels for the company. And will do the same for us.

Backed by science, this article on Huffington Post?has given us 10 great reasons to turn our devices off and get away from the virtual world for a while. Turns out, you’ll actually get more done if you do!

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