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When She’s Not Interested in Sex

The girl you are seeing suddenly does not seem to be into you at all, voiding the entire point of a casual relationship. In a long-term relationship, it is totally normal for one of you to go off sex. That is not what this article is about. Here, I am talking about new relationships or even casual arrangements, where she suddenly loses interest.

Slow it down

In many cases, the problem is not that a woman is interested in sex. The problem is that her guy wants to skip straight to the end goal. Take your time in building up to having sex, and you will often find that the problem was not actually a problem after all.

It?s not a priority

She has a million things on her mind right now, and you are not one of them. Even if she has planned to see you, she may be struggling to switch off from everything else that is going on in her life. Being stressed out can prevent women from being in the mood. Fortunately, the remedy for this is similar to the above. You need to slow things down in order to get her in the mood. She needs relaxation in this case. Offering to give her a massage is the perfect way to make her feel calm, and will probably result in her wanting to have sex with you.

It?s her time of month

Sometimes, a woman really does want to have sex, but her body has other plans. Especially at the start of a relationship, she is not going to feel comfortable enough to have sex with you when she is on her period. There could also be other factors at play. Perhaps she ate something dodgy and does not want to risk having sex in case she needs to run off to the bathroom. She may currently be experiencing a yeast infection or urinary tract infection, and as a result wants you to stay far away from her bits. It will be easy to tell if she is currently experiencing one of these situations. Firstly, if she appears to be feeling sick, she is obviously not in any condition for bedroom activities. Secondly, if she feels fine, she will probably engage in some flirting or foreplay, before deciding that it would be a bad idea to go any further.

When it?s not her, it?s you

Even though you have slept together before, there may be a reason why she is no longer attracted to you. It could be that she thinks your new haircut looks stupid, or that you switched to a new cologne that she finds repugnant. You have no way of knowing what the reason is if she will not tell you; however, she will want to spare your feelings so will not tell you if you do not ask. Tread carefully here. It could be that she is just not in the mood. Only ask if there have been a few occasions when she has rebuffed your advances, and if you can see a pattern.

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