Eating Out? The Restaurant Words You Must Avoid

Sometimes a busy work schedule can mean we end up eating out a lot more than we would like, or on other occasions, it makes a nice break from the usual routine. There?s no problem doing this ? however the real problem is what we decide to eat. Restaurants are clever in hiding the true calorie content of their meals which can result in us taking in too much salt or carbohydrates. This of course leads to a whole host of health issues such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and increased blood pressure. Here, we pick out the key phrases to watch out for when dining out:


Restaurant words: Crunchy, crispy, golden

Translation: Fried food

If you?re looking to make the healthy option, then avoiding s is a must. Watch out for phrases such as crunchy, crispy and golden which are likely to end up with you doubling your calorie intake. For example, a grilled or roasted 4 ounce chicken breast is around 170 calories whereas the deep fried option can be up to an astonishing 370 calories.


Restaurant words: Glazed, sticky, BBQ

Translation: High sugar food

These buzzwords don?t give much away about the dish, so make sure to ask if these foods or sauces contain added sugar in them. Another area to watch out for is carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice and pasta. Even the ?healthy? option listed on the menu can be couscous or quinoas which are both packed with carbs.


Restaurant words: Loaded, smothered, creamy

Translation: High calorie food

Phrases such as loaded, smothered and creamy need to be avoided as they, ironically, describe the feeling you have after eating them! They?re bound to be crammed with all sorts of processed garbage and trans fat (the worst kind of fat) that wreck havoc with your cholesterol levels.


Finding those healthy foods in some restaurants can be tricky, but don?t despair. Some key words we?ve found to look out for are roasted, baked, steamed, poached and braised. Restaurants which offer ?made-to-order? foods are likely to have more options. The key though is don?t be afraid to ask questions about the menu, or if nutritional information is available, take time to read through it and find the balance between something healthy and tasty.



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