3 Plyometric Workouts That Will Make You Stronger

It?s easy to think a good workout has to be a long one, but that is fair from the case. Plyometric movements, which focus on power, speed and agility, can bring huge gains to the body without having to spend a penny on gym equipment. So, how do they work you might be asking? Well, these exercises target your whole body (arms, legs, core, back and chest) while also increasing your heart rate at the same time. You can actually burn more calories during plyometric movements compared to a long-distance run, as you?re giving maximum effort for 15-minutes rather than remaining at a continuous steady pace. Why not see if you can handle these 3 exercises below:

1.???? Tuck Jumps


Start with your feet a hip-width apart. Then push off the floor with the balls of your feet whilst bringing your knees up to meet your hands. Land with control and repeat.

2.???? Plyo Push ups

Get into a plank position with your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders. Lower down like you?re about to do a push up before using your power to explode off the floor. This should make your hands leave the ground. When landing, maintain control in the arms and repeat. If you?re feeling adventurous, try clapping whilst airborne.

3.???? Burpees

From squatting, quickly jump your feet out before bringing them back in. Then, explode up and reach as high as you can with your arms extended above your head. Return to the squat position and repeat.


So there you have it, three great plyometric workouts you can do all in the space of 15 minutes. If you?re trying these for the first time, go through each exercise for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds in between. Also make sure to do a quick one minute jog on the spot to warm-up the muscles before beginning. Now go out there and increase your power, speed and control!


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