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The 5 Worst Training Mistakes After Age 35

The 5 Worst Training Mistakes After Age 35

Throughout life, the body changes in ways that are both good and not so good. You’re mind continues to grow but your body slows down a little. Hitting the gym in your 20s is usually accompanied by a carefree do-all-you-can-do attitude, but in your 30s continuing with the same routine is a recipe for disaster. You need to change the routine to flow with your body and your health, you need to know when you can keep pushing it and when you need to scale things back, suffering an injury at the gym can be a serious setback and poses many longterm risks.

If you’re stuck in the 20s mindset when you exercise then it could be time to readjust, but how do you know that you’re doing it the wrong way for your age? There are a number of factors to look at, and it’s best to learn them before you find out the hard way. Craig Hysell at Breaking Muscle?has written an article detailing the 5 worst mistakes made when training for people over 35, in it he points out the error in thinking that more is better:

2. You Still Think More Is Better

Your training program must be a progression toward your goal, whatever that goal may be. Yes, training can absolutely have the appearance of randomness, but it?absolutely cannot be randomly programmed.?

Periodization is an intelligent must-have. Your program must allow for the proper rebuilding of broken-down tissue between sessions. This takes longer as you age, and you?re best off seeking the help of a professional when it comes to programming. Programming is as much art as it is science.

Mechanics and body alignment (i.e. mobility), as well as technique, play a huge role in your training sessions as joints age. Joint pain is not okay and is, in fact, a biomarker for injury. Don?t be afraid to seek out new strategies and new techniques. Play. Experiment. Adapt. Overcome.

Remember, abundance and complications are the way of youth. Quality and simplification are the challenge of adulthood. Think on this. Apply it to your training.

The rest of Craig’s post lists the other four mistakes, including respecting your device and who to compare yourself to. Keep in mind that everyone is different and your body will give you the best indication of?what works and what doesn’t, so learn to see the signals and alter your workout when you need to.

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