The 5 Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

Having fitness equipment at home has become increasingly popular in recent years and it?s clear to see why. Gym memberships certainly aren?t cheap nowadays while others like to avoid the hustle and bustle of a public gym. Personally I?ve found working out at home to be more enjoyable because of that very reason so I thought hey, why not bring to you a mixture of the best fitness equipment currently out there on the market:

1.???? Thera-Band

These elastic rolls are really cheap and a must have for runners or people who play a lot of sport. Using a Thera-Band for three sets of 10 on each leg three times a week will help prevent injury and improve flexibility in the muscles.

2.???? Exercise Ball

Otherwise known as a Swiss ball, this piece of equipment is super-strong and suitable for all ages. Particularly good for strength and cardio workouts, it also helps to develop muscle tone, improve core stability, balance, posture and flexibility.

3.???? Adjustable Dumbbells

There are two major benefits of buying compared to a set: you get a bunch of different weights selections for a lot less money and they take up less storage space. Personally, I?ve also found going for dumbbells with a plastic grip are way more comfortable to rep than metal ones.

4.???? Chin Up Bar

Don?t worry if you think you can?t do chin ups yet, certain bars come with assisted equipment to help you build up your strength. Again, these can be bought for a relatively small price and are great for bicep and all-round muscle growth.

5.???? Core Training Wheels

These training wheels are the perfect tool for your abs and core in general. Plus they offer an alternative to your current core-strengthening routine and avoid you developing a core muscular imbalance.

Make sure you try out one of these equipments at home sometime in the near future. All of them are reliable, challenging and a lot cheaper than a gym membership, so there are no excuses!




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