The Pivotal Role Food Plays In Your Performance

Many people get into the mentality of ?I can eat whatever I want since I worked out today? but in reality, that?s far from the case. Weight loss is just not about counting calories and over at Breaking Muscle, they have a great post about the important relationship between food and performance. It goes into detail about recovery and gut health, as well as the dangers of inflammation in the body:

1.???? Rest Is Not The Same As Recovery

A?major piece of increasing performance that we forget about is?the recovery and regeneration process. It is not all about how hard we work in the gym.?Our success also banks on a combination of smart training and appropriate recovery practices.?To maximize recovery we need adequate sleep,?adequate vitamin D, effective stress management techniques, and appropriate nutrition. Participating in sport or highly intense workouts does not give someone the freedom to eat whatever he or she wants.

2.???? Gut Health Affects Our Performance

Strenuous activity can actually increase intestinal permeability.?In fact, all types of stress can increase intestinal permeability. This includes psychological, pathological, physiological, and pharmacological stresses.?This means our mood, disease state, medications, and our body?s own physiology, which is altered under strenuous exercise states.?All of these factors?play a critical role in recovery. And the better we recover from workouts, the harder we can hit it the next time in the gym.

Why not check the rest of this article out and see if you can learn any useful tips, especially if you?re someone who is particularly active. Switching up to more nutrient-dense foods should increase your energy levels and recovery times, making for an all-round better workout. Make sure you don?t forget about the good starch foods including sweet potatoes and yams ? they contain not just carbohydrates necessary for energy, but also nutrients that help with gut health.

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