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The 4 Nutritional Tips for Muscle Building

Want to get a bulkier, buffer, and better body? There are a lot of articles and advice segments out there ideal for people who want to lose weight and gain a slimmer figure. However, there are not as many tips available for those of us who want to gain weight the right way ? in the form of muscles.

Trainers, diet gurus and bodybuilders alike all tell you the same thing ? that bodybuilding relies about 50% on the nutrition that you get. This is especially relevant for people who are just starting off, or heading back to the gym after some time off their feet. A regular training pattern is essential for gaining mass and strength, but it doesn?t mean anything without the right nutrition.

When you get serious about your nutrition, then you can expect to see better, faster gains in strength, endurance and body mass. If you took the time to look through all of the literature written on the topic of weightlifting and body building, you?d quickly find that there isn?t a lot of research regarding training techniques for boosting muscle mass. However, there are numerous studies regarding dietary supplements and nutrition. Over the years, this research has proven that those who pay attention to the protein, fats, carbohydrates, calories and timing in their meals will experience more stable results.

4 Nutritional Tips for Muscle Building

1. Don?t

Fat gets such a bad reputation, but it?s a necessary part of your diet for many reasons?whether you?re body building or not. If you want to gain muscle mass, anywhere between 20% and 30% of your daily calorie intake should be in the form of fats. Furthermore, 5% to 10% of that should be saturated fat, as this will help you to maintain higher testosterone levels.

Establishing high levels of testosterone throughout your body is crucial to gaining strength, building muscles, and preventing weight gain in all of the wrong areas. Try to stick to lean, red meats such as ground beef and steak when it comes to eating saturated fats. You can also stock up on avocados, olive oil, peanut butter, and fatty fishes such as salmon, catfish, and trout.

2. Choose the

Although you need to eat carbohydrates when you?re building muscles, it?s important to remember that some carbs are better for certain times of your day. For example, try eating a slow carbohydrate thirty minutes before your workout, followed by fast carbs after your exercise regime is over. Pack most of your meals with carbs that burn slowly ? research has shown that athletes who eat slower-digesting carbs have more energy for training.

Good choices for slow carb meals include oatmeal, whole-grain breads, and fruit. After your workout, you can eat fast-digesting carbs such as baked potatoes, white bread or a plain bagel to spike your insulin levels. Insulin will then drive the carbs that you have eaten into the muscle cells for excess protein. Obviously, you will need to keep your insulin in check regularly, but when you?ve just had a hard training session, an insulin spike can be beneficial.

3. Remember to

You will need to consume about one gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight every single day if you really want to start gaining muscle fast. Protein provides essential amino acids within your body, which then form the foundation for muscle to begin developing. The recommended daily dose of protein for a typical person?s diet is a little less than half a gram per pound of body weight. However, research that has been conducted into body builders, athletes, and people with ? let?s face it ? better bodies, has shown that you need at least double that.

If you?re a beginner to body building, then you may benefit from consuming about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight for the first six months of your work-out regime. This is the time when your body is more likely to respond to intensive workouts, building up your muscles quickly. A beginner weighing in at about 180 pounds would need about 270 grams of protein every day for the first six months of his training. After that, you?d need to consume at least 180 grams daily, or the amount that is equal to your new body weight, if you?ve gained mass.

Some of the products that provide more complete sources of protein include fish, turkey, beef, chicken, eggs, and dairy products.

4. Shake Up Your Routine

This tip focuses on protein again, but this time you need to consume it in a different form. Both before, and after your workout, if you want to gain muscle, you should consume about 20 grams of protein in a shake. They may look, and taste unappetizing, but many expert bodybuilders think of protein shakes as important meals to eat at crucial periods throughout the day. Try to stay away from processed foods for most of your diet, but the protein shake can work miracles, as well as preparing you for your workout.

These shakes help to prepare your muscles so that you can endure a tougher training session for longer, and they even equip you with everything you need for a head-start on the recovery process. Try mixing your shake with 20 grams of casein and whey protein, along with 40 grams of slowly digesting carbohydrates.

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