The WRONG Way to Text Girls (Avoid THIS Mistake)

So, a lot of the stuff that works for me in text messaging is very SUBTLE.

The other day I was hanging out with a couple of friends who go to a very prestigious business school, and they were telling me about how frustrated they were about how girls responded to them over text.

I asked to see their messages, and something immediately jumped out to me – they weren’t using what we call “textanese”.

Their messages went something like this:

?Hey, how are you feeling today? I’m just about to head to class right now, we should hang out later. Talk to you soon!?

Ok, now of course, that’s how you write people emails when you are in business school 😉 But over text, it doesn’t work. All the punctuation and capitalization and proper grammar sends the very subtle signal that you are putting a lot of thought into your texts and that they are a FORMAL thing.

Texting, though, should be anything but formal.

The reason that this stuff works so well on girls is because it is SO casual and easy-breezy. So they feel very comfortable responding.

So textanese is my little shorthand term for the way you use language differently over text.

?hey headed to class now lets hang later… oh ya btw how u feeling today?

Most grammar teachers would choke on this sentence, but this is how girls talk to each other on text… and when you talk like them, it makes it a lot easier for them to communicate with you.

The big differences are that…

  • ?I shortened things up
  • I assumed that she’d want to hang out
  • I eliminated all punctuation, including the question mark at the end
  • ?I used words like ya and btw (by the way)

Can you imagine how different she feels when she gets this one, vs. the first one? The first one feels like something that you really thought about, while the second one seems like it was dashed off quickly in between other awesome things you’re doing 😉

It’s subtle, but it makes a HUGE impact on how girls respond to texts (and this goes for emails, Facebook, and messaging on online dating sites too!)

This is just scratching the surface though. If you want a full-on breakdown of textanese and how to talk like the baller that you are (or that she wants you to be haha) then you’ve gotta get up on HOW2TXTHER.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a business-school genius or still chillin’ on friends’ couches (that was me until not too long ago haha) – good text game is make or break!

Discover more texting advice here.


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