5 Ways To Eat Healthy When You’re Pushed For Time

Being caught off-guard when it comes to eating can quickly put your normal diet routine in jeopardy. Grabbing a take-away or a microwave meal is the most convenient option when we?re rushed off our feet, however staying healthy on a busy schedule is a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is a little pre-planning and these five simple steps below to make sure you keep on track during the hectic periods:

1. Make a List

Make some time during the week to write down specifically what you need before heading to the supermarket. This prevents impulse buys such as sweets, chocolate and cakes and helps you to save time and money. Also never head to the shops hungry!

2. Go Frozen

Frozen vegetables are great because they?re packed full of healthy vitamins and only take a few minutes to boil on the hob. That also goes for frozen salmon and berries, which can also be bought from all grocery stores. If you have plenty of freezer space, it?s worth stocking up as these items can last for months before going out of date.

3. Pre-plan a Preparation Day

Pick out two days during the week where you can spend a bit of time in the kitchen cooking and prepping as much as possible. This should involve frying off meat, boiling rice and etables and sorting them into meals for the upcoming week. It also saves washing up a ton of pots and pans each night,

4. Make Use of Canned Foods

Some people are wary of buying?canned foods and there?s reason to be ? some of it can be pretty gross. However tinned vegetables, sardines, artichokes and roasted red peppers are all super tasty and are perfect to chuck into a last-minute meal. Remember though to read the label to avoid unwanted ingredients sneaking into your diet such as sugar, dairy and gluten.

5. Choose Pre-prepped

If you?re really pushed for time you can always pick up pre-washed organic leafy greens, spinach and tomatoes which drastically cuts down on chopping time in the kitchen. They?re guaranteed to be more expensive, but in the long term it?s a lot healthier than spending less on a greasy burger.

So instead of grabbing the quick and easy option when you get back from work next week, use these five steps and let us know how you get on!

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