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How to Dress Like Obama

Be commander-in-chief of your sense of style. Looking sharp is part of President Barack Obama?s job- he?d never have managed to win an election in an ill-fitting suit. Whether you share his political convictions or not, you can certainly pick up a few cues from his impeccable outfit choices. Here are some presidential style tips which will have you looking just as powerful as the man himself.

The perfect suit

Key to Obama?s sleek look is a perfectly-fitting suit. However, he is not one for slamming down money for a high-end designer suit, instead favoring the premium but relatively affordable brand Hartmarx. Hartmax suit jackets come in several fits for different body types, with suits available off-the-shelf as well as custom made. Obama?s leanings towards Hartmarx boosted the profile of the company, giving the brand social proof. However, you do not need to shop the brand to achieve a similar look; many other companies make suits of comparable quality for a lower price. The most important point is to have a tailored suit in a quality fabric, in a dark color. Obama?s suits are invariably black or navy blue, but the fit and quality of his suits ensures that he stands out even in a room of other suit wearers.

Tie it up

Obama dresses quite conservatively, but shows a fun touch with his choice of ties. He favors stripy designs and is drawn towards bold colors such as red and blue. He tends towards royal shades rather than the pastel colors which have been in fashion of late, adding to his powerful appearance. A white shirt helps make his tie stand out. Even Obama only wears ties for appropriately formal events, however. During more casual appearances, he skips the tie and suit jacket, but retains the crisp white shirt. Rolling up the sleeves gives a neat but laidback look that can easily be transitioned into a formal outfit with the addition of a suit jacket.

Watch yourself

Nothing says ?I am a very important person on a schedule? like a watch. Obama is never seen without his Secret Service watch manufactured by Jorg Gray. Surprisingly, it is not an expensive watch, costing a whisker over $200. Obama?s watch has a thick leather band and stainless steel casing. Unfortunately for those wishing to steal his style, the watch can only be purchased by Secret Service employees, although you can purchase a variant of it for $395. Obama?s watch has boosted the profile of Jorg Gray, which sells many similar designs. Cheaper than a Rolex but more expensive than a Casio, Jorg Gray watches are multi-functional and masculine.

It takes a lifetime

Obama has said that his wardrobe used to be ?mismatched and decidedly unstylish? as a younger man, and yet look at him now. Clearly his political success has been matched with sartorial success. We can only assume that his sharp presidential look has been carefully curated by stylists, but you will have to be your own style advisor. Dressing well takes a long time to master and is a process that you will continue working on throughout your life.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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