Monday Mindset: The Deadly Weight Loss Mistake

One of the most common scenarios we find ourselves in when dieting is everything runs?smoothly for the first month or so. Then suddenly, a party or a friend?s reunion sees us ?cheat? on our normal routine with a burger or piece of cake ? and that?s where everything spirals out of control. For some reason when we fail on a small scale, the majority of us keep stuffing ourselves with junk food instead of doing the logical thing and stopping.

Over at Roman Fitness Systems, they go into detail about this very problem which they’ve called the ?Monday mindset?. It lays out some simple steps you can take to help keep you motivated and get back on track if you do fall foul of your inner demons:

1. Remove The Refresh Button Out Of The Equation

What we all need to realize is that there is nothing inherently?special?about Monday. There are no magical properties about that day that make it any more or less effective in terms of achieving results. The fact that the calendar says it?s the beginning of the week doesn’t mean that you can lift more weight or that you?ll burn more fat on Monday than on Tuesday or any other day.

Once you realize this, you will immediately take ownership of the fact that you can start(or?re-start) your program on?any?day; and that makes it much easier to get back on the wagon.

2. Learn To Fail Small

Mastering small failures means that you become comfortable with the fact that sometimes you will slip up.?This happens to everyone. None of us are perfect, especially when comes to dietary habits, and eating half a brownie isn’t some cardinal sin that immediately negates the impact of your previous successes, or devalues or invalidates your future ones.

If you can wrap your head around these things, then you will find it exponentially easier to hit the breaks?instead of the gas?when you eat something you?re not supposed to.

Make sure to check out the rest of this interesting post to learn about the deadly ?Monday mindset?, which will help keep your failures in check and give you the best chance for success.


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