What she thinks when you text other women

You?re in that in-between stage where you?re seeing each other, but have not put a title on your dalliance just yet. Never one to put all your eggs in one basket, you may still have a few other girls on the go. You may think that the girl you?re seeing will be quite okay with this situation, given you are not exclusive. She may even say that she does not mind- but chances are she is bothered by it.

She will know about it

If you have left your phone in the same room as her, you can bet that she has had a sneaky scroll through your messages. Do not fool yourself into thinking she is blissfully unaware. Even if you have tight security setting on all your electronic devices and are an incredibly secretive person, she has her suspicions. She realises that if you had nothing to hide, you would not take your phone with you into the shower. Unless she is extremely gullible, she will know, and she will have negative feelings about it.

She wants your full attention

She may not even want to be in a relationship with you, but she does not want you to be chasing other women at the same time as seeing her. This applies even if she is still seeing other guys. While she knows that she cannot apply a double standard, she will not feel good about other women blowing up your message bank.

She will think she?s not special

She may be your number one fling, but she does not know about it. She will jump to the conclusion that you are spending just as much time with every other girl as you are with her, even if that is not humanly possible. She will wonder how many other girls you use the same lines on. A woman who values herself in the slightest will not stand for this situation for long.

Hiding your texts

She will not want you to be too casual around her about pursuing other women. If you fire up Tinder or send off a text to your next booty call while you?re still hanging out with her, she will feel disposable. Depending on how much self-respect she has, she will either never talk to you again, or become hopelessly clingy. On the other hand, if you are incredibly secretive about other women that you?re seeing, she will feel betrayed if she finds out. This is especially problematic if you plan on pursuing a serious relationship with her later on. So, you are in a difficult situation where her feelings will be hurt either way. The best way to minimise the drama is to be clear about your relationship not being exclusive. This is a conversation you will want to have early on. Make sure she knows as little as possible about your other flings, or she will get upset.

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