5 Manly Habits That Drive Women Crazy with Attraction

Display THESE Masculine Traits That Make Women Want You…

Back in the day, it was enough to just be a man.

You drank whiskey, grew a moustache and bareknuckle boxed total strangers with no shirt on. You smelt like diesel fuel and smoked meat, and women loved you for it.

At least, I think that?s what it was like back in the day. I have no clue, I wasn?t born in the 1930s.

But I will say this; you shouldn?t shy away from manly habits because you think they’ll make you less attractive to women. On the contrary, just like how you?re most likely attracted to all the things about a woman that make her a woman, she?s attracted to all the things that make you a man.

So,?here are 5 things that will not only make you a better man, but that will make you far more attractive to women.

1. Standing up for yourself.

Women like it when you don?t back down from confrontation easily.

It?s some weird instinct that goes back to caveman days. If you were brave enough to fight off a sabertooth tiger, it was in their best interest to make little cave people with you, because they would have a better chance at survival.

In modern times, when you stick your chest out and show you?re not scared of (for lack of a better term) a bully, it turns girls on.

I actually went forever thinking the opposite of this, that if I stood up for myself it would somehow turn a girl off, because I was “losing my cool”. Even more importantly, I?m just not a fighter. Never have been.

But in more recent years, I?ve been taking zero shit in social situations and it?s been yielding results.

I?ll give you an example. I was at a party recently and there was one guy who was getting on my case for no real reason, and just generally harassing everybody else at the party. After he purposely bumped into me while walking down a hallway, I loudly asked him if he had something he?wanted to say to me, and then if he wanted to take the conversation outside.

It was a bummer at the time. It stopped the party dead (seriously, it was like in a movie, where the needle scratches off the record), but after he eventually backed down, I sat down next to a girl I had been chatting up and apologized for getting worked up.

?Sorry, I?m not normally that guy.? I said.

She didn?t even miss a beat.

?Don?t apologize. That just got me so fucking horny.?

That was exactly what she told me, word for word. Granted, you won?t always get that direct of a response, but there have been many instances where I?ve had a ?take no shit? attitude and it?s worked out well.

This applies to your values and opinions as well. Be stubborn and don’t cave on an issue easily. Sounds contradictory to everything you’ve been taught about ‘creating rapport’, but it’s what women really like.

A word of caution; this doesn?t mean go looking for fights.

Nobody likes an instigator or that guy who ruins entire nights by being overly-agressive (being that guy will not get you laid).

Also, fights suck. If you win you feel like a dick and if you lose you?re in pain.

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2. Getting fresh haircuts.

Men of the 21st Century have become obsessed with over grooming, but all you really need is a good ol?fashioned haircut.

You don?t need to go crazy and get a haircut every weekend before you go out (I never understood that). You only need to go every 4 to 6 weeks or so.

But do go. Ask any woman; hair is almost always the first thing she?ll judge you on.

Again, this is a caveman response. If you?re groomed, you?re clean, you?re healthy and therefor you?re good breeding stock. It?s that simple.

Oh and go to a barber like a man, not a ?salon? or ?hairstylist?.

First of all, it?s way cheaper. Second, if you go on a regular basis, any barber worth their weight will be able to see your current hair style and give you a decent cut from there.

It also helps if you learn proper haircut?terms and contemporary, all be it mature, styles. Knowing if you prefer a ?High and tight, low and tight, slick back etc.? will save you a lot of time when you sit down in the chair .

Also, if getting the back of your neck shaved with a straight razor isn?t manly, I don?t know what is.

3. Drinking like a man.

Drinking alcohol like a man is in about the same vein as standing up for yourself.

It shows that you?re tough and women like that.

Now, I?m not talking about shot-gunning beers and crushing the cans on your forehead. That might have worked in high school, but it won?t fly here.

When you?re at the bar, order a beer or a dark colored liquor.

Holding an appletini or cosmo in your hand is flat out emasculating. And an emasculated man is not a sexual candidate for any confident woman.

Grab a double Jack on the rocks and watch your entire image change.

4. Dressing like a man.

Again, women are going to immediately judge you based on your appearance. It?s a hard truth, so dressing your age is important.

If you?re still dressing like a teenager, in clothes that don?t fit or that are branded with dozens of giant logos, stop.

Buy shirts and pants that fit you well, and do away with the logos entirely. Introducing a few blazers into the mix never hurt anybody either.

As for shoes, stop wearing trainers (when you’re not training) or ridiculously extravagant sneakers. That?s what a kid?does.

Casual dress shoes and boots are all-good, and if you want go with a sneaker, stick with the classics like Chuck Taylors, Vans Eras or Sperry Top Siders.

5. Ambition and self improvement.

You should always be trying to do better, be better, chase your dreams and get more out of life. No matter what. No compromises.

But as a bonus, having big dreams, goals and vision for your life, is incredibly sexually attractive to women.

Now, here?s the catch. You have to actually go after all those things you talk about. Women hate a phony and it?s always just a matter of time before you?re found out.

An alpha male?always sticks to his word, and doing so really separates them?from beta males.

While once catching up with a girl I used to date, I remember she said (in contrast to other guys she had dated),

?It?s crazy, you always did what you said. No other guy does that.?

She remembered that as a defining feature for me versus other guys, and it’s what’s kept her attracted to me.

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