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4 Secrets to Feeling More Energetic This Winter

Everybody wants to stay looking and feeling marvelous during the winter. Unless you?re lucky enough to live in a place that benefits from a warm climate all throughout the year, there?s a salient chance that you?ll be faced with some health challenges over the winter months.

Honestly, summer makes staying fit a simple affair. There?s so much fresh vegetables and fruit on display that you?re far more likely to eat a healthy meal, and when the sun?s blazing, you really don?t want to eat heavy, hot foods. However, when winter arrives it brings the call of comfort food with it, tempting even the most robust of us to give up on our dreams for an awesome body. It?s tough to keep working on that lean six pack when the food-centric holidays come calling, from Halloween all the way through to Valentine?s day. Plus, thicker clothing allows us to hide our bodies away, which provides an excuse to skip the gym.

The truth is, sunshine and warmth is far more inviting when it comes to getting outdoor exercise than snow, darkness, and cold. Shorter days with less light and cold temperatures seem to physically sap your energy, leaving you miserable and lethargic. If you start to find yourself feeling a little more sluggish during the winter season, there are a number of things that you can do to fight back against the winter blues and stay healthy and active despite the weather.


Yes, it?s cold. Yes, it?s miserable. Now stop making excuses and get working out.

Exercise has been proven to prevent depression, lift your mood, and help you develop an awesome, ripped body. Working out regularly also helps to make sure that your immune system keeps working properly, which can help you to avoid the many health concerns of winter. After all, nobody looks attractive with a bright red face and a runny nose.

One of the best ways to force yourself to keep exercising and increasing your fitness capacity during winter is to switch up your exercise routine. Winter is a great opportunity to try a new exercise, or an alternative machine at the gym. Check out some videos on YouTube or Netflix, and try getting into a workout in the comfort of your own living room.

If you?re feeling extra adventurous, you can embrace the cold weather and try a sport ideal for the cold-weather, such as snowboarding or skiing. Unless the conditions are particularly harsh, excessively cold or windy, there?ll be several days when you?ll be itching to enjoy outdoor activities all day long. You may start looking forward to the winter season for a whole new reason.


Nothing drains your energy quite like feeling unwell. Flu and colds rates spike significantly throughout the winter months. Because colds and flu are caused by viruses, they are most commonly spread when you place your contaminated hands onto your face, so the number one defense is washing your hands. This means scrubbing underneath your nails, between your fingers, and over your wrists, for at least twenty seconds. Wash with hot, soapy water, and do it frequently. You should also carry hand sanitizer in your car and bag for when you can?t access a sink.

Drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of extra sleep can help to jump-start your immune system. Eat foods that are nourishing and jam-packed with vitamins such as nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and lean protein. Keep up with your exercise program, and speak to your doctor about whether getting a flu shot could be a sterling choice for you.


Though summer provides us with a lot of delicious fruit and vegetables at affordable prices, many items of produce do ripen in winter. Think hearty root vegetables and delicious citrus fruits, winter produce can actually offer a range of surprising flavors. Butternut squash is low in calories, high in vitamins, and incredibly easy to cook. Citrus fruits like grapefruits and clementine?s, and apples are actually at their sweetest throughout the winter months.

If the winter weather has you spending a lot more time in the warmth and safety of your own home, then try to take some time out of your schedule to prepare some homemade stews and soups. If you don?t already own one, you could also consider investing in a slow cooker. It may seem like something you?re not particularly interested in, but remember that all women loves a man that can cook, and gastronomically delicious food will brighten up your day.

4. Get as much Light as Possible

Research conducted by the national institute of mental health discovered that people who are exposed to bright light earlier in the morning will usually feel better for the remainder of the day. Bright light that mimics sunshine is an effective and powerful way to treat seasonal depression, and it can be just as useful for those of us suffering from the winter blues.

As soon as you wake up on a morning, turn on some bright lights in your home and lift the shades on your windows. When you?re taking part in outdoor exercise, do your best to get out during the early hours of the morning, when the sun is most active. If you own your own fireplace, then use it as often as you can, since the flickering light and warm fire can be therapeutic and relaxing.

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