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5 Unexpected Things That Will Happen To You When Losing Weight

There are a number of obvious health benefits to losing weight such as improved self-esteem, a longer life expectancy and stronger bones. However, there are also different challenges that we?re faced with during weight loss which can catch us a little off-guard. Here, we bring you just some of those problems and give you tips on what you can do to deal with them:

1. It Will Take Time For You To Change Your Body Perception

If you have gone through a dramatic body transformation, it?s important to remember that you won?t instantly see the difference. In some cases, people have admitted?taking them a couple of years?before finally changing their body image. It works in a similar way to someone who still feels pain or a tingling sensation where they’ve previously lost a limb.

2. Be Prepared For Excess Skin

Losing a considerable amount of weight can unfortunately lead to a lot of sagging and stretch-marked skin. Some people opt for surgery to remove unwanted excess skin; however this carries serious health risks and is not normally covered by insurance. According to recent studies, you can help reduce the chances of loose skin by controlling things such as how quickly you lose weight and gain it back. Your brain also plays a role here as well and can give you a false perception of what you actually look like in the mirror.

3. Relationships With Others Could Change

That take-away pizza you used to get with your mates every Friday night may result in you having less in common as you become healthier. On the other hand, it could motivate your friends to alter their habits as well which can help you bond even more. In relationships however, it can become a bit trickier, especially if one partner is losing weight and the other isn?t.

4. Shopping For Clothes Can Become Pricey

As you edge closer to your goal weight, there?s a high chance you?ll need to go out and buy some new clothes which fit properly. This may cause you to make multiple trips for clothes along your weight loss journey as you become thinner. Buying from thrift stores or holding off until the New Year can both help save a couple of bucks.

5. Others May Not Be As Supportive As You Think

It?s more than likely your friends and family are going to notice changes to your body. Most of them will be fully supportive and encouraging, some won?t be. Be prepared for them to try and push fatty foods in your face. Awkward moments?can also arise when people who are trying to be nice say ?you look great? as it begs the question: What did you think of me before I lost this weight? It?s worth looking up some smart comebacks against these sorts of comments to avoid potential sticky situations.



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