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Five Workout Motions for Legendary Legs


If you?ve ever heard the phrase ?Never skip leg day?, you?ll know that there?s a razor-thin line between over-training on your legs, and not training enough. Unfortunately, most men usually fall into one of the two categories. Either you?re the guy who spends fifteen minutes working out through squats and weights to bulk up his legs, before he moves on to do an intense 20-minute workout on his quads, or you?re the guy who thinks that walking to the gym is enough of a workout for your lower half.

Staying motivated on leg day can be difficult. Most of the time, you?re tired, and you feel as though you should just take it easy with a couple of extensions and squats. That might be enough to provide you with a little bit of short-term progress, but eventually you?re going to notice that all of your development is happening within your upper body muscles.

You don?t want to be the guy who has to wear sweatpants all of the time to hide away his peg legs. Real guys ? the ones that appeal to more woman ? can show off their bulging quads in shorts whenever they feel like it. The following are some exercises for you to kick-start your gains and get those legendary legs you?ve always wanted.

Top Five Workout Motions

1. The

One of the best movements that you?ll ever come across when working on your legs ? especially for athletes interested in building strength, the Zercher squat removes many of the problems that beginners and immobile people have when performing back squats. Weak hamstrings, bad hips, and a painful back can all make back squats seriously complicated, and the Zercher squat is a fantastic alternative if you?re waiting for parts of your body to heal. It?s easy on the spine, and recruits the posterior chain and upper back into the motion, making it simple to squat correctly using the bar position.

2. The

Unlike some of the more popular calf movements, this raise keeps the gastrocnemius in a carefully stretched position as it crosses the knee. It?s a great excuse to ask an attractive woman to sit on your back while you?re doing it. You can use training partners, a machine, or a weight belt as an external load, according to whatever works best for you.

3. The

This single leg squat allows you to train with a lighter load, whilst adding a limited amount of instability to your workout. This may seem strange, but it?s incredibly useful when you want to give your back a break from disc-crushing heavy squats. What?s more, it?s quite easy to start doing this motion correctly with heavier, more intense loads, without the threat of unnecessary injuries.

The most common problem that people have when it comes to performing the split squat, is that they do not know how to properly place their front foot. Sometimes, people choose to place it too close to the rear, which can cause knee displacement and excessive discomfort. Get less knee pain, and involve your hamstrings and glutes by moving your front foot into a position that keeps the ankle directly below the knee.


When it comes to working out your lower body, there are few motions that are quite as effective as the ?Good morning?. There are various ways that you can get this exercise done, but the most important thing to focus on throughout is your hip hinge.

Stand six inches away from a wall with your feet apart in a stance as though you were about to go into a squat. Then push your hips backwards until your backside touches the wall. Ensure that you aren?t displacing your knees, and maintain a slightly arched spine, throughout the motion.


This movement is pretty underrated, considering what it?s actually capable of. The trouble is, very few gyms actually carry the necessary equipment required to do it properly. It is a very difficult motion, and it requires some pretty solid technique, but that makes it all the more effective at building up an amazing pair of legs. This motion uses your calves, hamstrings, posterior chain and back, and forces them to contract throughout the exercise. The more that you do it, the more you will see your deadlifts, squats, and vertical jump improve.

Now you can grab more rebounds in your street basketball games!



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