Don’t Hide Behind the Bush, The Art of Direct Game.

What I love about the seduction community is that there are so many great guys out there with so many different thoughts on the game of seduction. Some of these might work better than others and some of them might not work at all, but with such a huge pool of knowledge to draw from, there?s absolutely no question that there?s never been a better time to learn the art of attraction and seduction as a man.

Now there are far too many seduction gurus and methods for me to list out one by one, but at the end of the day, all these schools of thought can be categorized as either ?direct game? or ?indirect game?; which brings me to the topic of today?s article. The art of direct game.

So what is direct and indirect game?

In a nutshell, the concept of indirect game revolves around approaching and attracting a woman while trying to remain cool under the radar. The idea behind this is that by being indirect, at least at the start, a man can help lower a woman?s defenses so that she?s more susceptible to his value demonstrations.

Now I might be a proponent of indirect game, but I do recognize the virtues of direct game too. For one, I understand that it?s a great way for newcomers to get into the game because it gives them a scripted routine they can follow and also because it eliminates a certain amount of the risk of immediate rejection.

Direct game on embraces this risk and seeks to work with it. And this is what makes it, at least to me, so much more exciting and fulfilling. But remember, I?m not here to tell you that one type of game is better than the other. I?m only going to tell you why I appreciate direct game and how you can get good at it.

Why direct game?

OK so here?s the thing. Women are incredibly intuitive creatures and at the end of the day they almost always know when a man is interested in them or is hitting on them. So sometimes even when it comes to indirect game, it?s just a matter of a woman playing along because she?s interested enough to see where the game will lead.

But at the same time I believe that once you take away the games and the gimmicks, every woman dreams of a man who is confident enough to admit that he finds her attractive and isn?t afraid to show her that he is pursuing her.


At the end of the day, a woman understands that it takes balls to walk up to a total stranger, let alone an attractive one, and try to create a connection with them. And not only will women appreciate your honesty, but they?ll also find you more attractive for it. I?m not hating on anyone when I say this, but I honestly feel that direct game is a boy?s task, and indirect game is a man?s game.

And here?s the thing, women might enjoy themselves and have fun with the routines and gimmicks of direct game, but they?re far more likely to go home with the man who is unapologetic and smooth about his desires and intentions.

A powerful affect over women

Of all the women that I?ve spoken to about the subject, most of them admit that they like it when a man is confident enough to lead the interaction. You see, when you start off an interaction by stating your interest and intentions towards a woman, it sets the tone for the rest of the courtship.

It?s like the difference between trusting yourself with a blindfolded driver and a visually unimpaired one. Women feel more comfortable and relaxed in an interaction when they know that you know where you want to take it.

Calibration is key

Now here?s the hard part; knowing when and how to calibrate your game depending on a woman and her comfort levels. You see, every woman is wonderfully different. And the seducer who practices direct game understands this. For example, a girl who is recently out of a relationship needs to be handled differently from a girl who is stuck in a boring one.

At the end of the day, a woman?s comfort levels are what are most important and you should calibrate your advances accordingly.

For instance, if a girl tells you that she is single, it?s OK to tell her that you?d like to take her out for a walk on the beach and then challenge her to a game of tongue wrestling. But if a girl tells you that she?s in an unhappy relationship, you might want to hold off on the overt advances until she knows that she can trust you not to make things awkward or uncomfortable for her.

So is timing

So when exactly do you start hitting on a woman? Well ideally, you should show your interest and make a statement of interest as soon as you can. And I like to do this in a two step process.

First, I find something that genuinely fascinates me about her. And then I ask her straight out what her relationship situation is. And if she says she?s single, I tell her that I really like the way she plays with her hair, or the way she narrates her stories, and tell her that I?d love to talk more to her so that I can start hitting on her properly. This usually gets girls giggling and going mad.

At the end of the day, seduction has to be fun for you and a woman. And what I?ve realized is that with direct game you can let go of your inhibition and focus on having more human and organic interactions, which women will love you for.

But since inner game influences every aspect of your dating life, outer game may seem just the tip of the iceberg. There?s an easier way to take control of your inner and outer dating life without the need to study or memorize anything.

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