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Looking good in motorcycle gear


Riding gear

You already have the ultimate accessory in your beloved motorbike. Dress to match by making good choices in what to wear while riding. It is important to stay safe while taking the bike for a spin, so it is fortunate that there are plenty of trendy options for motorcycle riding gear.

Have the right gear

Safety is not often sexy, but in the case of motorcycle gear, the correct getup is much more appealing than your regular street outfit. Of course you would not dress in motorcycle leathers and clutch a helmet as a fashion statement alone; the outfit just does not work without the bike. Protect yourself and look snappy by complementing your bike with stylish riding gear.

Get into leathers

Either a leather suit or a set comprised of pants and a jacket is crucial for motorbike riding, both for the look and for avoiding scraping your limbs off in an accident.

You need a special motorcycle jacket; your regular leather jacket that came from a fashion store will not provide the best protection if you crash. There are two types of jackets that you will come across for riding gear. There are those while are leather, and those which are not. The non-leather options are typically cheaper, and they certainly look it. Textile riding jackets tend to resemble snow gear more than riding gear. Go for leather for a tougher look.

Similarly to jackets, riding pants are available in leather and non-leather options. Again, leather is always the more stylish choice. Your pants and jacket do not need to be made by the same brand, although it is advisable to do so in order to have complete coverage of your skin (the jacket and pants zip together).


A pair of gloves may save your hands in the event of an accident. Another advantage is that they look good. Gloves tend to made from Kevlar, although leather is again an option. Gloves should be loaded with safety features such as knuckle and palm protection. The more visible elements on the glove, the cooler they look. Riding gear is invariably black, but gloves are where you can have a bit more fun with color. Red and black contrasting gloves are a stylish option.

A windswept hairstyle

When you alight from your bike, you will be looking a tad on the dishevelled side. The cost of being safety conscious and wearing a helmet is that your hair gets messed up. This is easily fixed with a quick comb through your hair. You may need to adjust your hairstyle on days that you are riding. A style that requires plenty of gel or wax will be misshapen when you take your helmet off, and worse still it will be gelled in that awful shape. Go for a style which requires minimal product. If you must use some hair product, it is better if you can do your hair once you reach your destination, to avoid the dreaded helmet hair look.

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