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The 10 Essential Rules of Good Health

In today?s society, we sometimes find ourselves overloaded with information. Through the power of the internet, we can type in a few key phrases and bring up thousands of answers to our most desired questions. Here, we try and condense those answers into 10 simple steps that anyone can follow in order to find?good health:

1. Stick to REAL Food

The only way you can get the right nutrition into your body is by eating the foods which Mother Nature has provided. Unpackaged, unprocessed and unpreserved foods are the key to overall health and weight loss. If you eat the common processed food products of today they?re either 1) contain empty calories or 2) have no nutritional value.

2. Sleep Is As Critical As Food and Water

Often the missing link to everyone?s weight loss problem, failing to get a good night?s sleep can upset your circadian rhythm, which helps regulate hormones and blood pressure. It also plays a key role in maintaining memory and avoiding weight gain. Remember, healthy adults should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night.

3. Always Look To Improve

If you are lifting the same weights or running the same distance at the same time every day, you?re not going to see a change in your body. The body wants to stay the same, so the only way to get results is to push it outside its comfort zone. Be ambitions – but stick to realistic goals or records.

4. Think Long-Term, Not Short

Linking back to the previous point, your long-term goals or records must remain realistic in order to keep yourself motivated. There?s no point looking at what your fitness or weight might be in one or two months, you should be thinking what it might be in one or two year?s. If not, you?ll find yourself quitting fairly quickly.

5. Keep Your Waistline Trim

Waist circumference can actually give a better idea of obesity rather than body weight. Researchers believe people whose waists are below 34 is a sign of someone who is in good shape. However, over 34 can put you at an increased risk of developing cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

6. Be Active

A pretty obvious point but it needs saying nonetheless ? playing sport, going for a hike or just doing activities with the family are all great for overall health. In a world which is now dominated by gym culture, there?s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit and getting some fresh air outside.

7. Take a Break

Escaping the daily grind of work in brief intervals helps reduce stress levels and makes you less vulnerable to illness. Breathing exercises or meditation are both great for mind, brain and triggering relaxation responses.

8. Balance Your Exercise Regime

Your average workout should include a bit of building, stretching and aerobics, which all help cardiovascular conditioning. Experts recommend that an exercise regime requires five elements: aerobic fitness, strength training, balance training, core exercises, stretching and flexibility.

9. Recover Properly

Warming down from a workout is vital in enabling the body to adapt to the stress created from the exercise, helping restore muscle glycogen and allowing muscle tissue to be repaired. It also keeps your pulse at a steady rate and maintains adrenaline levels.

10. Find a Doctor Interested In You

It may seem a bit strange, but getting a doctor that meets your personal needs can give you the guidance needed through the wellness process. Knowing them on a human ? rather than professional ? basis also helps doctors understand your health requirements.





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