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Signs You Should Be Dating Your Best Girl Friend

Not all platonic male/female friendships have the potential for?true romance, but?getting to know people in a casual way first?is a good way to find out. Here are some signs that your closeness might be bordering on relationship territory and that maybe you guys should actually be dating each other.

You Think About Her When You’re With Other Girls

If you’re on a date and getting home to watch TV and chat with your best girl friend sounds more appealing than anything that could go down on your date, you might be harboring some girlfriend-y type feelings for her.

You Want to Kiss Her

So maybe you’d sleep with all your girl friends, who knows. But there’s a difference in being up for a fun fling and being caught off guard by her beauty and melting a little from her eye contact. If kissing her crosses your mind and it’s more sweet in the moment stuff compared to get in her pants stuff, you should maybe think about actually doing it.

She is Your Number One Supporter

You can’t think of anyone who gets you quite like she does. She encourages you by reminding you of your strengths and she has ideas about how to work around your weaknesses without making you feel bad. You’re more open with her than any of your other friends, and it’s impossible to imagine not having her in your life.

You Get Along With Her Family

You’re already in with the family and not only do they approve of you, you actually like spending time with them.?You don’t mind that they joke about you two ending up together because it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

You Get Jealous

A good friend you feel totally platonic about might come to mind as a first choice when you’re trying to hook your guy friends up. But a girl you’re into will always be off limits to your friends. When she talks to you about her dating issues it really riles you up…because you don’t think she should be with any of those guys.

You Check With Her Before Making Big Decisions

You don’t feel like you need to check in, but her opinions matter so much to you that you’ve started to include her in any important decision making. It just feels better?to have her involved.

You Coexist Peacefully

Everyone has those friends that they love but that just require a little extra energy to deal with, and then there are those friends that feel like a natural extension to your life. When she comes over she makes herself at home and doesn’t demand anything from you that you’re not already willing to give.

She Intimidates You in a Good Way

You guys get along and communicate great, but there’s always something about her that keeps you slightly on your toes and paying attention. She’s not like other girls. She’s just so awesome that it kind of blows you away, over and over again.

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