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13 Ways You Can Improve Your Health In 60 Seconds Or Less



Finding time to exercise can sometimes be impossible with the pressure of work and home life to contend with. Well, what if we told you could improve your health in just 60 seconds? Believe or not, taking these simple 13 steps over at Huffington Post each day can do exactly that. Think about it – only 13 minutes of working out each day and you could be increasing your wellbeing.

While this doesn’t mean you should give up your lengthier exercises anytime soon, it does prove that every little counts:

Take A Deep Breath
In your most stressed-out moments, don’t forget you have a built-in relaxation method: breathing! A couple of deep, controlled breaths can be just the trick to reverse the shallow gasps and racing heartbeat of your “fight or flight” response. Doing so can help lower your blood pressure, slow the production of stress hormones and may even alter gene expression, NPR reported.

There’s a good reason laughter has a reputation for being the best medicine. Not only is it one of the body’s natural stress relievers, it also mimics (at least a little) some of the physiological responses in the body to physical activity.

Nibble Some Dark Chocolate
The natural plant compounds in cocoa can protect the heart in a whole number of ways, from lowering blood pressure, raising levels of “good” cholesterol while lowering the “bad” and even helping with circulation. There’s some evidence to suggest chocolate can also help ward off diabetes and protect the skin. Now that’s sweet news.

Sounds easy right? Check out Huffington Post and get on your way to a happier, healthier you. Now, don’t expect miracles, but these small steps can definitely benefit your mind, body and soul.

About Matt Lawson

Matt Lawson is a UK based sports journalist who covers all the latest football (soccer) news and matches for the Press Association. A keen Newcastle United fan, Matt is usually found either watching or playing the beautiful game.

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