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3 “Bad Boy” Attraction Triggers

Bad Boy Attraction Trigger #1: Break Rapport

Every guy out there is taught to work REALLY hard to build rapport with a woman ? to forge that connection with her.

While this is important, it?s also equally important to know when to deliberately BREAK it.

Of course, there are dozens of ways to break rapport, but I don?t have the time to show you them all.

One way you can do this is to turn and walk away?

While you?re talking to a woman, you simply wait for a break in the conversation- And then you turn your back and walk away for a second or two.

You don?t leave for good, you just find an excuse to drop the conversation completely and break away.

Go off and check your phone, or send a text. For just a couple seconds? Then you turn around and come back.

The key to this is the psychological principle that women WANT to pursue as well as be pursued. Nice guys typically overdo it by pursuing her way too much and destroying this energy.

When you disturb that connection, or disconnect from her slightly by turning away, she will start to chase you again to regain the connection ? to avoid feeling like she ?lost you.?

(This gives her permission to get aggressive, by the way.)

Which leads up to the next Attraction Trigger?

Bad Boy Attraction Trigger #2: Bring Up Sex

Most nice guys are too scared to talk about sex. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, they also think that ?nice? women don?t really want sex.

So they play it coy, and pretend to not be interested in her for sex. Which NUKES the sexual tension. And the woman then can only think of you as a possible FRIEND.

The bad boy knows that the sooner you can bring up sex in conversation and get her talking about it ? the sooner she?s thinking about it, and thinking about how she can get it. And if you?re the guy who?s bringing it up in conversation, you?re the guy she?s going to associate that sexual desire with.

Now, there?s a right and wrong way to do this, of course. So it has to be done in the right way to ensure you pull this Attraction trigger.

And then there?s the final trigger, the one that gets everything put into action so that you can start getting her closer to where you both want to be:

Bad Boy Attraction Trigger #3: Take the Lead

This simply means that you are leading her to the next step in the process.

Example: Take her hand and move her to a new location.

If you?ve been talking with her, and the time comes to leave the bar, or restaurant where you?re at?

Just put out your hand, palm up towards her. Look at your hand, and say, ?Come with me??

And 99 times out of 100, she will take your hand and follow her. And then she?s ready for you to take her to the next step? Women are always looking for the man to take the lead.

Most nice guys wait to see some kind of ?hint? or clue from her before they do anything, and?

The Longer You Wait To Act, The More It Annoys Her And Turns Her Off?

But the Bad Boy knows that when he leads her to where he wants her to go, she will fall into a trusting and highly suggestible state where he can then take her exactly where he wants her to go.

There you go, 3 Lock & Load Attraction Triggers that get women thinking about sex in just minutes. I?ve also got more secret triggers you can use – so keep reading…

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