Cocky Funny Examples Build Immediate Attraction

Building Attraction With Cocksuredness

Negs and cocky/funny are the two most misused concepts in the dating community. And most guys misuse both of them together… creating one big mess of a conversation.

If you’re one of the guys whose cocky lines are bombing… and whose negs wind up insulting the woman you’re trying to engage… then you need to take the time to seriously read over this article. You’re probably making the same mistake I was. And I’m going to show you how to correct it.

Let’s first get one thing straight. Your job is never to insult a woman or make her feel bad about herself. No one (not even perfect 10’s) likes to be around people that make us self conscious. I think the reason that most of us jumped so quickly onto to the negging and cocky bandwagon was because we sub-consciously looked at it as an excuse to take out some of our pent up anger out on some of the women who had jilted us.

This was easy for us to understand. Just do the opposite of being nice. This didn’t take much to learn. And it was quite easy to practice. But we quickly found that it was completely ineffective.

How to Use Cocky Funny Successfully

If your goal is build attraction, rapport, or comfort during the course of the conversation than your primary objective should always be focused on getting the woman you’re with to have as much fun as possible… and to associate that enjoyment with you.

And when you’re trying to get that woman to have fun… the most effective way to do this is keep her in the moment. This means that you stop worrying about searching for commonalities. In fact, avoid asking any sort of questions that force her to think too much about the answer. When two people are thinking too hard about what to say… conversation comes across as stiff and lifeless.

This is where cocky & funny comes in.

The first thing that I want to clarify about cocky funny is the word “cocky.” Here is the thing: the cocky part of the equation goes without saying. What I mean by this is that merely by doing the funny parts without fear or hesitation… you are displaying that you are a tad bit cocky. This means that it isn’t necessary to further display cockiness. You don’t have to go out of your way to say asshole remarks, put downs, or negs.

I like to call it “fearlessly funny.”

This means that you’re intention is to amuse yourself and those around you… and if she wants to join in the fun great… if not oh well.

If you’re looking for all of the theory behind why this sort of communication works read Double Your Dating (here are the 22 most important David Deangelo?articles)… if you already understand the theory and just want some concrete examples then let’s take a look at some of these examples.

==>?Here are 3 Simple Steps to Getting “Sexual”

Examples of Cocky Funny

1. Mess with her

A more politically incorrect way of saying this would be to say “fuck with her.” The same way you mess around withJackie & Friend your friends. Do the stupid things you used to do to annoy your friends when you were 12 years old.

  • Repeat everything she says.
  • Keep getting in her way.
  • When she tries to talk keep talking over her. And when she gets quiet, you get quiet.
  • Misinterpret her to be someone she’s not.
  • Tell her some exaggerated clearly made up story- make it obvious that you’re lying
  • Ask for something ridiculous if she needs something from you. Her: “Can you hand me that beer?” You: (as your handing her the beer) “Yea, but now you have to give me a back massage.” If she laughs or says “no.” Pull the beer away. Be dead serious.
  • Squeeze her arm gently and say “So, do you like pain?” Credit Extramask.

2. Speak the unspoken

This is something David D has talked about in which you openly acknowledge the situation. An example of this would be after making eye contact with a woman, calling her over and saying “I saw you checking me out… I don’t bite.” Also you can exaggerate an encounter and turn it around on her. An example of this would be if a woman bumps into you, say “Instead of copping cheap feels… you could just say hello.”

The whole idea of this is to always position yourself as the one being chased.

Here are some examples of this:

  • “You’re totally checking me out, aren’t you?”
  • To a girl that comes and stands next to you to order a beer: Say “Out of all the places in the bar you came over to stand by me… and you don’t even have the courage to introduce yourself”
  • To a girl that you chatted with briefly but then quickly separated. Later on say “I was a little disappointed you never came over. We had a nice little vibe going earlier.”

3. Non Verbal

Non verbal flirting is basically similar to messing with her except that your doing it in a more physical way. This is very similar to playfully shooting a spit ball at a girl. It’s something that will piss her off for a second, but then she’ll see the humor in it.

Here are some examples:Beauty, according to Disney

  • Steal her seat just as she’s about to sit down.
  • If you’re walking next to her push her into something lightly
  • Take her hand at put it on another guy’s ass
  • Thumb wrestle with her… then cheat to win
  • Ask her to hold something for a second… then turn to talk to someone leaving her holding it
  • Fake like your giving her a high five- then leave her hanging
  • Ask her to hand you something… but don’t grab it when she goes to hand it to you

As you can see by all of the examples above, none of what I suggested could be interpreted as being mean, spiteful, or hurtful. It is all meant to be playful. The reason that it is so effective is because you’re treating a beautiful woman like she is a bratty little girl. Most guys do not have the social intelligence to do this. This makes it cocky. The mere fact that you are so confident in your ability to create instant rapport with a beautiful woman shows that you are a little cocky (in a good way.)

==> Here are 3 Simple Steps to Getting “Sexual”

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