5 Unexpected Ways To Break A Bad Habit


With the New Year now in full swing, many of us see as a chance to re-invigorate our lives. However, it can be hard to chuck out the bad habits which were stalking us throughout 2014. Whether it?s nail-biting, knuckle cracking or smoking, all of us have something which we do on a regular basis that potentially jeopardizes our health.

So why do we do them? And is there anything we can do to stop them? Well, over at Huffington Post, there?s an interesting article which says you can. Breaking habits is never easy and it requires a huge amount of willpower. However with these five surprising tips, you can get well on your way to doing just that:

Become Hyper-Aware Of Your Habit

Break out the notebook and really spend some time sitting with your bad habit — when you do it and why you do it and how it makes you feel. Not only are you generating information that can help you find effective alternatives, the very act of tracking and measuring your habit may automatically cause you to reduce how often you, say, pick up your smartphone at the dinner table or skip the gym.

Focus A Big Chunk Of Your Efforts On Your Environment

Yes, the habit or action itself is important. But people often overlook just how critical it is to establish an environment that makes desirable behaviors easy and undesirable behaviors hard to do. If, for example, you’re trying to break the habit of eating sugary dessert every night, you don’t win an extra prize if there’s ice cream in your freezer and you manage to not eat it for several nights in a row.

You might not find success straight away, but that doesn?t mean that at some point you won?t. Most people who eventually break their bad habits try and fail a number of times before they make it work. Make sure to check out the article so you can learn how to master yours and improve overall wellbeing.

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