10 Foods That Will Help You Naturally Gain Weight

While there are plenty of us out there who struggle to lose weight, there?s also others who eat all day every day and are still unable to put on weight. It?s true that by eating burgers and fries daily will help gain weight, but your body will suffer the consequences of poor diet and lack of nutrition.

That?s why we’ve listed 10 foods here that, when eaten right, can help you naturally put on weight:

1. Lean Red Meat

Lean red meat, in particular steak, are great for gaining weight due to their amount of protein and iron. Try and go for the fatty cuts where the meat is marbled such as t-bone, rib-eye and beef tenderloin ? these contain more calories and are a lot tastier too. It?s important to remember however, that red meat is high in cholesterol, so avoid eating it more than a few times per week. Combining it with an unhealthy diet high in saturated fats could create negative health effects.

2. Real Nut Butter

One tablespoon of this stuff contains roughly 100 calories and has four grams of protein, making it ideal for weight gain. Real peanut butter is also high in folate, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B3. The best way to enjoy it is mixing it into oatmeal, topping a slice of whole grain bread, or as a dip. When choosing a brand to go for in the supermarket, try to find varieties which are all natural and don?t contain a ton of sugar or other added ingredients.

3. Whole Fat Milk

Milk is a great source of protein and carbohydrates, with a 100ml serving containing around 3.4g of protein. Whole is also high in vitamin D and A. If you?re currently using semi-skimmed in your oatmeal, cereal or sauces, replace this with whole. When drinking coffee, try and add in some cream too.

4. Tropical Fruit

Fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple and s can all help with weight gain due to their amount of natural sugars and instant energy. If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables in the day, try blending them into a smoothie.

5. Avocado

One half of an avocado only contains 140 calories, but is high in potassium, vitamin E and folic acids. All the fats inside them are also heart-healthy and great for overall wellbeing. Enjoy avocado in a salad, cut up on meat or even spread on toast.

6. Natural Granola

This tasty snack is made from oats, sugar and other healthy fats which can be bought from most supermarkets. Alternatively, you can make easily from home. This can be enjoyed with a thick topping of yoghurt, fruit and honey. A high protein breakfast, is both filling and nutritious.

7. Whole Wheat Bread

If you?re looking to add bread into your diet, the only way to go is whole wheat. While you may have been brought up eating white bread, the truth is it?s pretty bad for our health. This is because of the amount of refining that has gone through the production stage, stripping all out all the good nutrients. With whole grain varieties, you still get all the fiber and mineral benefits which give you sustained energy.

8. Vegetable Oils

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil and peanut oil are packed with heart-healthy calories when enjoyed in moderation. Also, most oils are safe to use when cooking at high temperatures unlike butter, which will burn.

9. Cheese

Cheese is arguably one of the world?s favorite foods and can be added into almost any dish. Packed with nutritional benefits of products and other fats, it?s the ideal product when it comes to trying to gain weight. Cheese comes in plenty of variations, so make sure to mix and match with them in moderation.

10. Potatoes


About 40% of your diet when trying to put on weight should contain carbohydrates and are a healthy and tasty option. Rich in amino acids, vitamin C and fiber, they also can be used in a variety of dishes just like . You can try boiling, mashing or frying them, although avoid peeling as removing the skin cuts their protein levels in half. Why not mix it up between mini reds and sweet , which have a much stronger flavor than white .



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