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Back Pain: Get Smart and Get Rid of It


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There’s some very comfy seats around these days. From recliners and hammocks to desk chairs and bar stools, no wonder we spend a lot of time sitting down. Trouble is that’s not healthy, and it can result in a lot of problems, one of which, happens to be back pain.

Our bodies were designed with physical activity in mind. To stand up, to run, to build and destroy, we’ve been a predominantly active species throughout history. But now, now we’re getting a little lazy, and spoilt for choice in our lounging habits. All that sitting with a slouch and bending towards screens is causing a great deal of back pain.

A post on Breaking Muscle has provided a breakdown on why this sort of thing is weighing us down:

Back pain is the second most frequent reason people miss work after the common cold. In 2010, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, lost work productivity cost the United States $297.4 billion.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, one in five people will experience low back pain in their lifetime. One in twenty will be unable to work because of an acute occurrence or recurrence.

The rest of the post explains in good detail what’s going wrong, and gives us some advice for improving such an important aspect of our health.

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